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You can't get lost if you have a map. But you need the whole map. You need light to read it and you need eyes to see it and use it. The biggest problem we have right now is this idea that life is an either or proposition. Black/white, good/bad, left/right, up/down… Physical/nuts and bolts, or nonphysical/consciousness…

If you want to trick us landlubbers - muggles stuck down here on the planet, just make it invisible to us - we've been trained to do the rest of it. (the giggle factor, the professional suicide, the mental institutions…etc.) Like Pavlov's dogs, ring that bell, we'll salivate and not even know why.

Well, most of us. However, those of us who are awake have another bone to contend with, it's the current new malaise: Too Much Information. There is a factor that we all have inherently inside of us that could answer to all the confusion. It's called consciousness. Let me 'splain somethin.

Kerry Cassidy's last interview was with Capt. Mark Richards who is in Vacaville Prison on trumped up murder charges. It is her 6th interview with him. I always find that these interviews are challenging because I always find myself going, "Really? That's just a bit out there.", and then as time goes on what Capt. Richards says comes to pass. To wit:

  • Jack Sarfatti is a physicist that talks about neutron star energy being used as power for ships. Capt. Richards says he is correct and that they can also use the star as a gravity flux weapon when it is pushed through a wormhole and aimed.
    • Really?
  • Antarctica (Arc'lantis as I like to call it) is a favored place to have secret meetings with ET's because it has less surveillance than the rest of the earth. Also what we are being told about the excavations etc. going on is happening in another dimension and that there is a rather large portal in the side of a mountain down there…
    • Hmmmm…..
  • Viet Nam was not the fight we thought it was. Nope. There was an invasion by what are called the Trogs who are spider beings the size of a VW bug. They mind controlled the people and then ate them - why the entire population around Angor Wat disappeared. Nam was a war that fought them off. They are also trying to come back through the portals there at Angkor Wat. The soldiers from Nam have been Mind wiped. Many of them have PTSD not because of the fighting we saw but because of the real war with the bugs. As the memories start to come back most self-medicate with drugs.
    • We must be awfully tastee…
    • I have known a lot of vets with internal terrors that go way beyond just jungle fighting.
  • Most of our wars have ET elements to them whether we are being helped out or we are fighting the enemy for them.
  • Letterman hospital was literally blown up because the studies done by the Stanford Research Institute at the hospital created so much residual energy and so many portals that there was no way to control it except to destroy the building.
  • The Aldebaran 'fascist' race we have heard of is outed in the TV show the 'Event" found on Netflix. They now live in a part of Africa. They were given land there after blowing up every place else they had lived on before.
  • The Raptors have aligned with the US Air Force in the last five years because they have realized that it would be in their best evolutionary interests to work with us instead of kill us. They have been showing up in a show called the T-Rex show. Some of the dinosaurs are actually real.
    • Really????  I could go see and meet one? Would you?
  • They have been using people like William Thompkins and Bob Wood to disburse information because of their plausible deniability factor in that they are old and they can be discounted easily should the need occur and the plans change.
  • David Adair's adventure with the intelligent alive ship is most likely true says Capt. Richards. He is the only other person who actually had contact with a ship, called Minerva, and he actually flew her. Adair's ship's engine had been destroyed. Mark thinks David was mind controlled to ruin his engine by the ship to delay us from getting into space.
    • Although I think it might be 2 different ships, David's and Mark's. IMO both sentient and both very old. This rings very true for me and I don't know why...exactly.
  • The last point of her video talks about the 2 versions of the Secret Space Program.
    • First version
      • We have interaction with both positive and negative races off world of all kinds.
      • We are being helped to wake up and stand up for our rights as a planet
      • We are being encouraged to own our sovereignty and WAKE UP!
      • We can help, but we need to know what is going on to help!
    • Second version
      • All aliens are our friends and positive
      • Don't worry, be happy
      • Sit back, go back to sleep
      • Certain earthers who help think they will get privileges
        • NOW (new world order)  and very STS (service to self)
    • Both factions plan on revealing ET's, one as a fake invasion the other as not fake, but friendly....

So, what to believe? The above didn't even cover all the psy-ops going on with our minds - the direct contact part of the ET question, the fact that anybody from off planet has better abilities that any of us and the fact that for them it's kind of like telling a blind person (us) what an elephant looks like. Most anything can be said and we have to believe it because we cannot see for ourselves. The goal is to know for ourselves instead of having to believe.

Consider: if we had been able to develop our conscious abilities through the centuries even a teensy weensy bit, we would be much better off in trying to figure out what is going on. As it is, until we do, we are always going to have to take somebody else's word for it.

As I mentioned two articles ago, even when we begin to develop something positive for the planet, it gets infiltrated and taken down. The other side to this inner war we have all been embroiled in is the enemy is conscious and we are not. Trust me, this is the main weapon used against us - our own minds.

The guest last night on Jimmy Church Radio Fade to Black, Georgia Lambert, was correct about everything she said. ALL of the information she talked about has been with us for centuries, but hidden, or twisted, or taken underground or within mystery schools. Or written in languages that are long dead and unreadable or misunderstood and no longer taught. The first thing a student on the path is told is that every piece of information and knowledge they encounter must be tested and the veracity and truth of it must be self-evident from within the student. Because we have been told for centuries that we do not know and can never know except when we are spoon fed the 'correct' information, the only way the student of the mysteries is truly taught without sabotage is by self-recognition on his inner journey. And Georgia is right, the final step in any learning process is the embodiment of the learned principle into the very life force and expression of the being.

That is also why the path to conscious unfoldment must be walked first before any alchemical information is given, because before you know yourself, transformative information can be used against you and you will never even have a clue that it happened. Even if you wanted to choose, you would not have had enough inner recognition, or inner mastery to do it.

One of the first things that must happen is encountering the dweller on your own threshold to your inner being. (My last article) this must be done, or trust me, it WILL bite your ass. Later on.

So, Lost much??? Don't be. The first step is knowing that you don't know. From there, all else progresses naturally. Both the inner and outer journey. It's sort of like growing older, whether you know how to or not, you will.

It's just, do you want it in wisdom, or woe?

Healing the inner corrupt demiurge, mini archon inside us. (hurry up!!)

So, these last weeks, as disclosure has sped into ever increasingly widening circles, my mind has come back to and my heart has centered on this issue of why our hearts desire is such a hard thing for us to realize and how imperative it is that all of us wake up before it is too late for the planet and us. If what happens next on this earth is predicated on how well we create a wondrous future in our hearts, our hopes and dreams, we need to really get to work!!

As much as we would love to shove this whole situation we think we are stuck in on earth at this moment on to another - other than ourselves, truly, it all exists and exudes, manifests and has action in the world from our own creative power.

The demiurge is considered the 'mind' of the one source - the first emanation of the creative force. We are that mind. All of creation including alternate universes and other states of existence are that mind. All that is manifested comes from, is created by that mind of which we are but holographic fragments.

Enter in the idea of the over lord controlling corrupt, dark demi-urge, archon personality that is as old as the manifested universe and just as insane as it is old. A larger conglomeration/grouping of intelligence that is currently performing the task of projecting the shadow side of the creator to objectify, make visible, its qualities that it might be known and seen and therefore be brought into balance with the whole, illumined.

Never think that evil, imbalance or darkness will be eradicated or killed or eliminated, for would you destroy your own hand? One of the hardest truths to work with in any re-membering process, any healing process, is to understand that darkness is simply the unknown, shoved into a dark forgotten corner, an aspect of the wholeness that needs light shown upon it so integration can happen. It is a part of us.

Once the so called dark qualities of self are known and understood as part of your wholeness, the addition of them into the light, in acceptance and self forgiveness, back into yourself/awareness, creates great strength.

So, the parasite we seek to overcome and eradicate is part of ourselves. That we profess it is not - that we hate this parasite and all its nastiness is simply a symptom of our abject refusal to look, sort of like walking around with a bloodied stump where a finger used to be all the while saying that that finger is NOT a part of you while you stand there bleeding to death.

It is possible and has been documented that an aspect of yourself in trying to integrate back into wholeness - or be healed can create a problem so big that, in the end you have to capitulate to it, to take notice. For instance: anger that turns into an ulcer that becomes cancerous. It is well known that true forgiveness is part of the treatment process in healing cancer of any kind.

To take this analogy a step up into societal groupings, we know that there is such a thing as the unconscious consensus in the world. We have all been learning at hyper speed how well we have been tricked by the manipulation of this aspect of ourselves before we woke up. As we go along, we have begun to realize just how it has been almost a superconscious force in the world that has been manipulated and used to keep us from coming into the light (example; the world's religions are used as a cage ) - for as long as we refuse to look, it has a power that can be used against us even as it is a part of ourselves… !

The only way to balance all of this out is to integrate - illuminate what we have shoved into the back closet of our minds and hearts and see these aspects of ourselves as part of our wholeness, whence a great source of power and will shall at once be re-integrated into the light of our heart. IE: once we forgive ourselves for hiding and love our un-illumined (dark) parts for the gifts they bring when in balance with the rest of our wholeness, we will step into the path we were always meant to be on and this world and all of us will transform.

This is the true meaning of love, for in our wholeness and balance is the key to the rest of the entire creation.

As Above / So Below

The Game

What if you got marooned here somehow because of one of the common cataclysms this planet is famous for. What would you do if you knew you had centuries to play with, centuries to wait and centuries before you could even approach the level of civilization you were used to? What if your life span was 1,000 years plus, kind-of, sort-of like the Highlander myth? As you morphed into different identities, more frequently as the years wore on and things like photography and records were kept, how would you provide for continuity of wealth and holdings? And as the years wore on and you had children who may or may not have your longevity, how would you pass down your legacy? Through training? Through puzzle? Through story? Through cypher? Or through all of these rolled into one? What if you wound up here with a ship full of people - say there was more than just you? You all had very long lives and needed to keep that secret for obvious reasons? Your intellectual level and use of certain technology would have made it difficult to hide early on so you would have had positions as advisors to kings and royalty, but later on made it more difficult as technology on the planet rose (probably due to some of your direct influence). Through the centuries you would have good reason to train others and save gold and other precious items (maybe like the arc of the covenant which is, IMO, a zero point energy device) to provide the means to create safe havens down through the centuries for your survival.

When you look at the research of people like Ralph Ellis, and Cort Lindahl and a few others who have begun to see the patterns by digging into history with a unique mind uncluttered by academia, the story the patterns create is extremely compelling. The wider you engage to look, the better the widespread researchers information fits together. I wonder if you took the legends of 'alleged' ET familial linages on this planet and merged them with known people through history if you wouldn't find a very clear pattern - obvious to anyone willing and courageous enough to look?

Putting the outright ET visits, the inner earth people, the pre-adamite refugees and all their irresponsible genetic rigmarole and the supposed 22-24 other genetic/psycho-spiritual experiments aside - we still have more pieces of the puzzle emerging. And I am willing to bet just the same as you find in real life, that there is an entire strata of people from everywhere and everywhen with agendas along the entire scale of possibilities all converged right here and right now.

I am also willing to bet that because of what we know circuitously (in a round-about manner) of the illuminati/cabal/mason situation that we might just have a light and dark faction of these groups - one who started out 'good', or positive and was infiltrated and the people who started it - the 'good' guys - left and popped up in another group or mystery school until that was found and infiltrated ad nauseum throughout history. Which would be one of the reasons the motivations behind these groups are always so confusing. Its always interesting to note that the true intelligence and positive purpose of these groups ebbs away once they are infiltrated. It is interesting to note that every positive idea that has developed any foot hold on the planet that has eventually decayed and fallen into ruin was infiltrated.

Which makes a case for the convoluted path of true hidden intelligentsia operating on the earth - the good stuff that needs be truly hidden or it to will be taken down… Which knows it has only a short window of time, of development before it needs must move on. A path with no resting place and barely any breathing space. Popping up every so often to create and enhance the awareness and intelligence of people and then going back under. To say nothing of the negative path that tries to hide and can't, for it only takes turning over a rock to see what hides underneath to catch them ( and they would love it if we would inadvertently mix the identities of the positives and them up… ) And then there is us - the poor bastards caught in the middle - of which both sides go fishing for occasionally - looking for the exceptional among us to either raise up or exaltedly tear down…

And then… then there are those of us who see the game and realize it for a distraction - a charming, exciting and fun one needless to say - but a distraction from what seems to be the real reason we are here - to live from the heart, to create from the heart, and to know from the heart.

While the rest of them chase their tails never knowing the real stuff…

Mycoplasmas and you: the current spring crud and chemtrails

The term mycoplasma, from the Greek μυκής, mykes (fungus) and πλάσμα, plasma (formed), was first used by Albert Bernhard Frank in 1889 to describe an altered state of plant cell cytoplasm resulting from infiltration by fungus-like microorganisms.[4] Julian Nowak later proposed the genus name Mycoplasma for certain filamentous microorganisms imagined to have both cellular and acellular stages in their lifecycles, which could explain how they were visible with a microscope, but passed through filters impermeable to bacteria.[5] From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mycoplasma>

Everybody has caught the crud in one form or another this spring. Everybody has been out in the air during and after chemtrail bombardment - especially lately. I'm not even going to try to explain to you who refuse to see the reality of the chemtrail issue - but realize a while ago they passed a law making this type of 'experimentation' on us legal.




(a) PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.—The Secretary of Defense may not conduct (directly or by contract)

(1) any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population; or

(2) any other testing of a chemical agent or biological agent on human subjects.

(b) EXCEPTIONS.—Subject to subsections (c), (d), and (e), the prohibition in subsection (a) does not apply to a test or experiment carried out for any of the following purposes:

(1) Any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity.

(2) Any purpose that is directly related to protection against toxic chemicals or biological weapons and agents.

(3) Any law enforcement purpose, including any purpose related to riot control.

So section (a) prohibits these cruel and inhumane chemical and biological tests on humans.

Then section (b) says that the prohibitions in section (a) do not apply to tests carried out for virtually any purpose. So section (b) completely negates the prohibitions of section (a).

In Other Words:

The U.S. government can test chemicals and biological agents on humans for nearly any purpose they desire.

The Following Should Also Be Noted

The term "biological agent" as stated above in (a)(1) is defined in (e) as follows:


(e) BIOLOGICAL AGENT DEFINED.—In this section, the term

‘‘biological agent’’ means any micro-organism (including bacteria,

viruses, fungi, rickettsiac, or protozoa), pathogen, or infectious substance,

and any naturally occurring, bioengineered, or synthesized

component of any such micro-organism, pathogen, or infectious substance,

whatever its origin or method of production, that is capable

of causing—

(1) death, disease, or other biological malfunction in a

human, an animal, a plant, or another living organism;

(2) deterioration of food, water, equipment, supplies, or

materials of any kind; or

(3) deleterious alteration of the environment.

In Other Words:

The U.S. government can test chemicals and biological agents on humans that cause death, biological malfunction, and deleterious alteration of the environment. The term "deleterious alteration of the environment" brings chemtrails to mind.

Read about actual human chemical testing programs currently in operation:


Read the full text of this law here. Page 287 contains the above excerpt. The Section is 1078. This is placed in the US Code (UCS) at 50 USC 1520a:

Public Law 105-85

Informed Consent

Some argue that none of this activity can be conducted without "informed consent", as stated in section (c), which reads:


(c) INFORMED CONSENT REQUIRED.—The Secretary of Defense

may conduct a test or experiment described in subsection (b) only if informed consent to the testing was obtained from each human subject in advance of the testing on that subject.

Although section (c) seems to provide some protection for us in that it requires us to be notified "in advance" if this "testing" is to take place, in reality, it does not provide any protection at all.

Why not?

Because you've already been "informed in advance" and you've already given your "consent".

Because this "law" is publicly available for everyone to read, you have been "informed". Because you have not contested it (that's what the courts are for), you have provided your "consent".

This law is part of a contract between you and the government. When the terms of a contract are known and uncontested, it's called "acquiescence". Acquiescence essentially means that both parties are in agreement.

Acquiesce: "submit or comply silently or without protest"

So, when this law was published, you were "informed". Because you have not challenged it in court, you have "consented". By your own inaction, you have said, "Sure, go ahead and poison me, even if it causes death. I have no problem with it."

Because this contract meets the judicial requirements of "remedy" and "recourse", it is legally binding.

Judges like to say: "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". They say this because you are expected to know all of the "law" because it is publicly available for you to read (despite the fact that this is humanly impossible).

So, in reality, section (c) is legally useless. It does not provide any additional protection, it only "seems" to. Section (c)'s only purpose for being included in this law is deception, nothing more.


Section (c) of this "law" is very deceptive because most people don't understand the concepts of acquiescence in contract law, therefore, people mistakenly conclude that this "testing" will never happen to them unless they are informed about it.

The powers-that-be play upon public ignorance by inducing people into having a false sense of security. As a result, the public believes this activity could not be occurring because they believe that they would have personally heard about it. This false belief then provides insurance that this law will never be contested in court, and as long as this law remains uncontested, chemtrail spraying will continue unhindered.

The final result is that this craftily-written law has done its job. It has enabled chemtrail spraying to continue without being contested in court. Additionally, this law continually provides legal protection for those doing the spraying. After all, by your inaction you have given them your permission.

When you consider the incredibly dark nature of this deception and when you consider the fact that this law gives your public servants the self-appointed power to kill you, you should then consider what kind of people are running your country, or the world for that matter.


This Public Law in The US Code: Title 50, 1520a

All About the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
From <http://globalskywatch.com/chemtrails/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=45>

This video is chilling and all too fun-fact filled, but very worth the 50 minutes of eye opening information.


Exposure to these little gems can cause chronic infections. You can get toxic environmental exposure in 5 different ways:  Chemical [PB DEET Permethrin OP Paint CW], Radiologic, vaccines have mycoplasma contaminants, environmental [Fine sand, Smoke, Oil fumes] and biological [Parasites Viruses Bacteria Fungi Toxins]. Immune system deficiencies are caused by multiple vaccines and infections of multiple mycoplasmas at the same time.

The primary research has been used in the development of biologic weapons. US005242820A Patent


was issued on Sept.7th, 1993 for Pathogenic Mycoplasma by Shyh-Ching-Lo. A Patent. A created mycoplasma. Then in the 1980's the government did testing in several prisons in Texas on some of these newly developed designer mycoplasmas. One of these towns was Huntsville TX.  The illnesses spread through prison to the guards to their families. They knew they were making an entire town ill. They knew.

To weaponize mycoplasmas you would need to combine them with strains of

  • Thermal resistant genes for heat resistance
  • Spore forming genes for drying protection
  • Cell membrane receptor genes for cell entry
  • Toxic cell death genes for killing the cell
  • Immunosuppressive genes for  immune suppression in the host
  • Growth genes for mass production

Then you need to test them in the field and voilà (!)

You get the Gulf War Syndrome.

This was a great bonanza for the gov't, and retched for us. Many of our modern diseases are directly derived from this study and weaponization of mycoplasmas.

Mycoplasmas can be viral, bacterial and fungal. They are not to well-known because as Dr. Garth Nicolson says in the above video, they have quit teaching about it. His research has shown that you can find it in the following diseases

Neurodegenerative ALS/PP
Neurobehavioral  ASD
Fatiguing  GDI/CFS/FMS
Autoimmune  MS/RS
Respiratory COPD/ASTHMA
Rheumatic  RA/SD
Genitourinary  CO/CV
Immunosuppressive  AIDS

Mycoplasmas are intracellular, meaning they have no cell wall - they hide sequestered in the cells where they can accomplish all sorts of non-obvious but disastrous things:

Attack Mitochondria
Release toxins
Compete for metabolites
Alter the cell structures
Releases antigens
Create Super antigens
Mimic antigens
Stimulates ROS/RNS
Mitochondria have 40%less capacity to produce energy
Create Mitochondrial Function Disorder

Cellular energy is mainly produced by the mitochondria, subcellular organelles that contain the machinery that converts fats and sugars to energy in the form of the high-energy molecules, such as ATP.  Mitochondrial function requires an intact inner membrane where the electron transport chain or energy machinery is located.  When the inner mitochondrial membrane is damaged, the efficiency of the electron transport chain is reduced along with the ability of cells to produce the energy that they need for vital functions—thus fatigue becomes a problem.   Various environmental insults and even aging produce excess oxidation molecules that can damage the mitochondrial membrane, including chronic infections of the type mentioned above.  At the Institute for Molecular Medicine clinical studies have shown the benefits of dietary membrane lipids (Lipid Replacement Therapy) in replacing damaged mitochondrial membrane lipids, increasing the efficiency of the electron transport chain, increasing energy and reducing fatigue.  A number of non-pharmaceutical approaches to decreasing fatigue are being investigated at the Institute.From <http://www.immed.org/illness/fatigue_illness_research.html>

Ones that use only humans as host
M. amphoriforme
M. buccale
M. faucium
M. fermentans
M. genitalium
M. hominis
M. lipophilum
M. orale
M. penetrans
M. pirum
M. pneumoniae
M. primatum
M. salivarium
M. spermatophilum[8]
From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mycoplasma>

(keep in mind the cross species human/animal hybrid studies currently going on - allowing for the use of mycoplasmas that can go from animal to humans now.)

Some of the syndromes mycoplasmas cause are CFS ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), Rheumatism, Lyme disease, and ALS. Most of them show nonspecific signs and symptomology and are hard to diagnose, often getting stuck in the chronic illness category. The most common diseases we see are: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Autism Spectrum.

So if you have wondered why you can't get rid of the spring crud you caught, no matter what you do - and if it has really knocked you off your feet the worst ever, then I advise you to openly ask your doctor to test for a series of infectious agents - not just 'the virus' that's going around.

Professor Garth Nicolson runs The Institute for Molecular Medicine. http://www.immed.org   There is research all over the web on non-modified lipid replacement therapy which is a treatment to repair the cell walls and the mitochondria. The three women who came across the information on why their town was so sick wrote a book called "Project Day Lilly". It tells the story of how they found out about the shenanigans, how the gov't was trying to hide the information and what they did about it. Troupers all!

This is NOT something to laugh off. It is a component that we will need to be aware of and know how to combat because it doesn't look like they are going to quit spraying us anytime soon, and I for one want to do something about it for my family and pets and those I know.