It was a radio show, not a court of law….

October 23, 2018 Alison Bell 0

I was listening to the Jimmy Church Radio Show last night with guest Richard Dolan. I followed Richard’s chat, and I was on twitter. During the commercial breaks I listened to Richard Dolan’s conversation with his chat. Richard Dolan is an academic, an established debater, historian and knows the rules of proper conduct in a conversation/debate. He is also a very ethical man and will not overstep the guidelines for elucidation of an idea because he knows that it’s extremely unproductive. For those who do not know: Ten Simple Rules For Debating Posted by Nullus Maximus A significant amount of [-MORE-]

By the resonance of his voice…

October 16, 2018 Alison Bell 0

He did the best that he could with the highest integrity possible to inform us with out harming us, or his loved ones, while later in life bending to the greater ethic of the needs of the many that outweigh the needs of the few. Just by the resonance of his voice I loved him. Kindred souls. Kindred tired souls. By the resonance of his voice the measure of his heart was obvious. By the resonance of his voice the extent of his empathy was felt. By the resonance of his voice the ethic that was the man was known. [-MORE-]