I am a butt-head

Share truth realizing that it is a sacred act of offering transformation to others, and it is their free will choice to accept it in the form and time that they need. So don't feel pressured to force others to accept what you think is true because ultimately, it is only one perspective on the whole truth. 

As the ancient hermetic principle of Polarity states:

The Principle of Polarity 

"Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its

pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are

identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet;

all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be

reconciled."—The Kybalion. (Source(bolding emphasis added)

From <http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2016/05/How-to-Wake-People-Up-Without-Being-an-A-hole-Dont-be-a-Truth-Fundamentalist-Develop-Relationships-that-Lead-to-Truth-Sharing.html>

And I am, especially to those I love whom I expect to 'get-it'! I normally would have ignored my husband on Sunday when he told me that I was being a butt-head (not his exact words…), except that I have had some other people commenting on my face book posts that are experiencing the same cognitive dissonance to controversial information that I have been posting.

What I see and they don't is that we have been set up as logical, reasoning people to look at information and judge it by the standards of reasonableness that we hold. Most of us have been raised with the 'christian' ideal of do not harm… This is the medical establishment's Motto! So when we see information that blatantly informs us that much of what we would call medicine is actually killing us, is MEANT to kill us, if not shorten our lives - it is very hard to swallow. The very best part of us wants to go, "Nah! That is craaaaazy! Not real! They wouldn't do that!!!"

And yet the proof is right there in front of our eyes. I was trying to point out to my husband that, that is exactly what they want the intelligent educated people to think, that it is too crazy to be true and dismiss it without even looking into the possibility. Then, the person replying to my posts on my fb about chemtrails and Zika and vaccinations is always pointing out why, (mostly on the vaccinations posts) that it's all rubbish. Coming from a medical background he points out what would happen if there were no vaccinations - and on that point I have to agree. They once were a very good theory. Now they are something entirely different. And once again, this person is struggling with the cognitive dissonance of what he wants to be true in his heart of hearts and what is really going on in front of his eyes.

Cognitive dissonance…. Quite a tool.

So I caught a cold from my grandson by eating after him, and I knew it while I was doing it… but I did it anyway. My bullshit altimeter was set very low this week end, and I was not kind, and not nice to my hubby, and for that I apologize. And of course the universe teaches me in threes. Two people with a bad case of cognitive dissonance, and then this post from Justin on Stillness in the Storm - in my face….

So I thought I would share it with all of you who may be in the same place I am with loved ones who are trying so hard to get through the disbelief at what is really going on. And also, to apologize to all I may have been a little (maybe more than a little) too forward and demanding with on this whole ball of wax. Many times my husband has said to me, "If this is all true, then why bother? How can I care, the whole world is fake!" This is the angst you feel when you first realize all of this and it is excruciating. It really is.

The way I have come to see my role in this is that the only thing I have to contribute is an emphasis on seeing what is, being honest about it, and then trying with every word to promote a better vision, a better way, a higher purpose, and obviously more practice on being kind to those who are closest to me…. Because:

The way you answer that question for yourself becomes your first steps into the new paradigm. And it's not that we can afford to turn a blind eye to the atrocities that are happening on this world, but that we need to encourage better behaviors by example, and sometimes that example is merely what you emit to the world as you go through your day. Strong and steady light from the center of your heart. It is all I have to offer. (and trust me, I'm at kindergarten level on that skill set. But I'm not giving up, ev-ar)