2017 Plan…


Of course, what I would want to do is alter my reality. 2017 is the year when we will be able to begin to experiment. Because I awoke with two very clear realizations in my consciousness it will be my focus for this coming year. Everybody is talking about this, and while I was only paying 'side' attention to it all - my subconscious delivered a very clear message this morning. And…. It appeared without asking. That is always worth a very concerted notice. So below, find my action plan… I shall see how well this works as the year carries on.

I woke up to a very clear profound realization that we ARE living in a construct, and therefor it should be possible to control it and manipulate it much easier than we currently are. So I decided to test this hypothesis, conduct a few experiments and collect objective evidence.

A. Experiments: affect your reality

  1. Change how things/events behave (not people)
  2. Change myself
  3. NO infringement on other's freewill

B. Evidence:

  1. That the phone I am using has been acting oddly. For the past week, unless my attention is on it, it doesn't register any notifications, and it is only when I think of it, that it downloads them in a machine gun fashion, like bullet strafing. If it is in my hand and I am engaged with it, they will down load as they come in. Very odd. This morning as I reached consciousness I could hear it going rat-tat-tat-tat from the other room.
  2. All my life, the more I use a machine say like a vacuum cleaner, the better it works - they develop a personality just from continued use - just like your car. I even had a vacuum cleaner that hated me, seriously. Funny stories there.
  3. Last post; missing items including my freaking shoes!!

C. Supposition:

  1. If the above is true, then I should be able to instigate my own ascension from inside without waiting for an external event to trigger it - because the external world is only a construct and the only true thing is the inner world.
  2. I should be able to actually perceive the construct with greater clarity by effecting a change of perspective:

Which would make Dolores Cannon's theory true that all we see outside of ourselves is simple fractalized pieces of our selves - making it weird - because I like people and I like having fun with them - and the fear here is: if I realize that it is only me - it will be very lonely - so therefore it is highly necessary to not digest that fact…. Lols, which keeps me from progressing, because it is one of the prime ideas in ascension technology.

  1. At least I should be able to change my own ability scope because I want to - which possibly could include much clearer communication with the world around me.
  2. I should be able to change things with a thought
  3. I should be able to change the way my body works with a thought, because I want to
  4. I should be able to sus-out my current position and circumstance enough to change it - i.e.: why am I here in the now
  5. Reality is far more malleable than anyone thinks it is.

Now, on to playing with this idea.


Then there is that pesky little clause that follows all of this: what ever happens to you, you are responsible for creating it.... Will my foot make it all the way up to my ass?

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