2100 Miles to CITD


With a big sigh, I can report that we made it. We are here in Joshua Tree. We had lunch in a local spot called Jon's place great burgers and fries and a whole assortment of other goodies at a decent price. Ok, for a Midwesterner, I'll just say, IT'S HOT. Period. Dry heat or not… If I live through these temperatures I'll know I have accomplished something. You all saw my facebook travel log... I promised some people that I would take them along, so this description will be short.

From Oklahoma on I got to see country I'd never laid eyes on. It was amazing and beautiful. The weather in Oklahoma was, however something else. I live in tornado alley, and further in Indiana, where the motto is, 'If you don't like the weather wait five minutes.' and I can say that Oklahoma tops that. There was a cool front from Canada coming down the center of the US crashing into the warm moist air from the gulf. Houston is still under the gun there, with floods and deaths and damage to property. Kolo and I seemed to be charmed because we always made it between the worst weather cells. Miles to the left and miles to the right you could see these things evolve into monsters and watch lightening crash through the falling dark rain. We got into Oklahoma City and slept.

That morning standing outside having my coffee, it took less than five minutes for the sky to darken and the winds to bend the trees. When we checked out, we found out that a mile wide tornado had passed very close to us. But as soon as we got on the road we had clear sailing. Amazing.

images1C24D4B0On into New Mexico and phoenix I watched the land change into desert of about three different kinds. Different indigenous plants, saguaro cacti that live ancient lives ( a hundred years an arm, if I am not mistaken ) and Agave were all in bloom. It was lovely.

We made it to Phoenix and Kolo's sister.  We hung in her pool all night and talked and had a wonderful time. Did you know it's more fun to swim in a salt pool than chlorine pool? You float so much easier. I so didn't want to get out. Even listening to Jimmy last night as the show kept going in and out, I was happy with my feet in the cool water. Sigh...  On that note, I remember Tiananmen square quite differently than my husband Kolo. I remember this:

Tiananmen Square, Then and Now

Alan Taylor

Twenty-three years ago today, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) violently cleared Beijing's Tiananmen Square of protesters, ending a six-week demonstration that had called for democracy and widespread political reform. The protests began in April of 1989, gaining support as initial government reactions included concessions. Martial law was declared on May 20, troops were mobilized, and from the night of June 3 through the early morning of June 4, the PLA pushed into Tiananmen Square, crushing some protesters and firing on many others. The exact number killed may never be known, but estimates range from several hundred to several thousand. Today, China's censors are blocking Internet access to the terms "six four," "23," "candle," and "never forget," broadening extensive efforts to silence talk about the 23rd anniversary of China's bloody June 4 crackdown. Here is that story, in images and words, Please share it widely.

From <http://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2012/06/tiananmen-square-then-and-now/100311/>

Kolo remembers it differently, and he doesn't remember anyone being killed. I do. I will never forget watching happen before my eyes on the news.

The Mandela effect - what if because we are increasing our awareness because, like John Rappaport said too last night, we are not diagnosable or insane, we just think with a little more originality, and what if this has been going on for a while, but that we didn't notice because we all didn't have the internet to communicate so immediately with each other and we couldn't compare notes and notice it till now. What if you add that to our increasing awareness and multidimensional proclivities and maybe the time streams are weaving in and out touching in some places and not in others, like branches in a tree. Where they cross our memories become a little altered from the interaction? Time is a property of gravity and therefor, not a constant, immutable law of how it is everywhere. IMO time is a slippery thing. I like that one thing that a caller said last night about us creating our future as we go on. What if being truly multidimensional means just that, to be, perceive and exist in any layer of any density in any dimension we want? And all we have to do is emulate that frequency…. The possibilities are endless… As I am sure I am going to learn this week-end in many creative ways.

Did I mention it's hot?

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