2D-3D or 4D-5D? Which will it be????


energy mist2So, now, as we apparently (the whole planet) are raising our vibration and can expect creative ability to manifest easier and easier, maybe it was a good thing that there was a 'lock' of sorts on our ability to believe in what we could do…? And of course, isn't it just sad and normal at the same time that we can create negatively all sorts of nasty, but that we find it hard to create positively? That the natural direction of our thoughts when we get bored, is to be negative, that being frightened is fun??

The law is: Anything you concentrate on is magnified.

Call it whatever you want, Tulpas, imagination, high strangeness, we get a high, a buzz, off of being scared shitless. We do. Think Halloween, haunted houses, monsters, sky diving, mountain climbing, tornadoes, earth quakes, tv shows, movies, literature… speculation running rampant on the end of the world… The list goes on and on. But, do we have any 'positive' things that lend to that amount of emotional impact? That type of emotional high? Do we?

energy mist3We have all sorts of training out there on trying to do that: Course in Miracles, The Secret, Barbara Marciniak… The only thing is that it doesn't produce the instantaneous high, that brain chemical soup that fear does… that 'charge'.

Well, here is what I have noticed lately. It is far easier to create in frequencies we already embody. That is the negative stuff, the dark and scary things - the lower frequency things are already a part of our inherent frequency range. We embody it in our physicality in a harmonic range. The new higher frequencies that are becoming reachable to us are just as easy to create in, and can and do make huge changes happen, but the emotional component is much more refined. It doesn't carry such a gut punch. energy mist8It filters over our physical bodies like a light mist, or a mist of rarefied light… either way, it is almost unobservable. Which, in a way is good, because we need to get used to extending our senses to this realm, we need to learn in baby steps what this is and how it works.

But the laws that govern creating are the same:

Energy follows thought - thought plus emotion manifests. Behind it all is the intent of the thinker.

energy mist5The new fifth and sixth density energies which are now observable and useable are already operating whether we 'notice' it or not. Once I got a hold of that idea and reached for that level, I increased my awareness of it. And because these levels are mostly mental/spiritual they do not respond to the "old ways" of creating. They do not need ritual intensification of directed emotion. They simply are. They may not be as much fun as the lower octaves, there will be no gut punch, no charge of fear and excitement, however, they are powerful, if not more so. Its why they have always been termed "subtle energies"... ahem

seven-states-of-consciousness-spiritual-development-skills-yanas-abilities1Nick Redfern was correct. Watch your thoughts, watch them create in your life and be careful what you create, because we will go through this phase as our frequency raises into the lower 4D, it will be like we all have our very own Montauk chair, and you won't have anybody to blame but yourself…

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