3D perception: The Perfect Containment Mechanism


This is a list of what we here on the planet consider the 3D psychic abilities that 'gifted' people are able to utilize.

I am willing to bet that all people are 'gifted' and that we all could do this if we were not so thoroughly brain washed by the system/matrix we have grown up in.

Notable psychic abilities

From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_psychic_abilities>

I am aware that there should be a 4D analog, but being in 3D, I am having a bit of trouble conceptualizing them.

Yesterday I posted this as a true question on Face Book and got only one answer. This thoughtful, insightful reply put my thinking in a whole new perspective.

The answer to your question, Alison, is much like what we have offered to you before in other questions you have asked. Again, this is another question of perception. I mentioned this to Syndia. Human culture labels all the gifts of human Spirit as paranormal. We are taught to believe in this illusion from birth. We rarely call the tribute demanded by our human ego for what it really is. This has been perhaps the most insidious aspect of the cultivated grand deception created to keep humanity bound in slavery and service to this illusion. The human race has been largely deceived, Alison. We know you know this. There is nowhere now that you can look in this world where this does not become more and more evident. We sense you are beginning to realize this in full force, full realization. Scary. Isn't it? It is enough to confuse yours or anyone else's every step.

It has long been said that a mind expanded by a new idea can never return to its previous size. Learning IS change, Alison. The difference between the truth and the lie is the vague, nebulous cloud of doubt created and used to confuse all of you. What is doubt but fear? The single question each of you must ask and answer is this. Does what each of you perceive in each of your separate worlds offend your soul? You need not concern yourself with the technical or physical aspects of Disclosure. They will be sufficiently substantial to convince all of humanity of their validity. Trust this. Instead you ask about gifts of Spirit. Curious....The question we think you really wish to ask is "Are these kinds of skills valid in a new cosmology that includes the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence?" Yes? This is Earth, Alison. There is technology. There is magic. But where is Spirit in this world? You tell us. In your empty churches? In your actions as a species? What is natural and what is unnatural? Magic? Technology? Truth? There is no such thing as "unnatural" powers in any world you could possibly imagine, or in any universe you could dream, or for that matter, in all of Creation, and it would obviously merely be an appeal to magic or technology to make up a power that does not exist. Would you not agree? But in each of them, Alison, hides the truth of the deception and illusion that has come to rule this world. We will try to explain in terms you will understand.

It is obvious, is it not, that each individual, each human being, has many abilities of which he or she is often unaware? How do they learn of these abilities? Are they born with them, or do they somehow magically acquire them through some mystical life event? In the horizon which approaches, and as each human being's awareness increases, yes, you may well develop greater abilities as you awaken than you presently understand and they will seem quite startling to you. Yet nothing anyone can possibly do in any skill he or she discovers can compare even in the slightest with the surprise he will experience in remembering his true identity. Is this not what humanity seeks? Identity? We would suggest that if anyone wishes to learn any of these skills; he or she change the way he or she thinks about who humanity really is. Let all their learning and all their efforts be directed toward this one great final surprise, a truth that has intentionally been kept from all of you, and none of you will be content to be delayed any longer by the many little surprises we guarantee are headed your way. Disclosure cannot be stopped. We say this again for the benefit of those who somehow think it can.

To be sure, Alison, there are also many types of so-called powers that are clearly in line with Disclosure and the many revelations it will bring. Much of humanity operates under the assumption that communication in Creation is limited to the small range of channels the world recognizes. They are wrong. It is not. If it were, there would be little point in trying to teach any of you that your world can be saved. Your planet has entered a sixth mass extinction. This is fact. Humanity is presently experiencing simultaneous epidemics of obesity and starvation. Does nature work this way? No. It does not. It would be impossible for it to do so. So ask yourself what is natural and unnatural again. You will not like the answer. The limits the world places on communication, and thus places on each of you, are the chief barriers to the direct experience of Creation. Humanity looks to the stars for two reasons, and only two. And both of those reasons are limited by a lie as old as mankind itself. These limits are placed out of fear, for without them the walls that surround all the separated places and religions of the world would fall at the realization of who you really are as a species. We are all children, Alison. All of us. And any of you who transcend these limits of fear in any way are merely becoming more natural. The skills are gifts. And the gifts are from Creation. Those gifted in such a way are doing nothing special, and there is no magic in any accomplishments found by any of them in those gifts.

Disclosure will bring many new ideas. You have entertained a new possibility. And consider new abilities. You are right. The seemingly new abilities that will be gathered by many on the way to that event will be very helpful during Disclosure. Given to Creation, and used under Creation's direction in service to that end, they will indeed be valuable teaching aids. And humanity is sore in need of those gifts and the teachers who will bear them. And you know this as truth as well. To this, and only to this, the question of how they arise is irrelevant. The only important consideration is how they are used. Taking them as ends in themselves, no matter how it is done, will not delay the horizon. Nor does their value from yours or our individual perspectives lie in proving anything; particularly with respect to any achievements from the past, any unusual attunement with the "unseen," or any "special" favors from God. Creation gives no special favors, Alison, and no one person has any powers that are not available to everyone. Only by tricks of magic or the sick manipulations of power and human ego are any special powers "demonstrated." When the thrashing of the tail begins as the event horizon draws near, you will see these gifts for what they are and each of us will see the true value they in fact possess.

Remember this also, Alison. Know this. Look for this. Nothing that is genuine is used to deceive. Creation is incapable of deception, and Spirit can use only genuine abilities born from it. A poisoned, dying world is proof of this. What is used for magic is useless. So know this as well; what Creation uses cannot be used for magic. Magic does not exist in truth. A technology infused with the grace and reverence for Creation is boundless. A technology without it, sadly, is doomed. Humanity is about to learn this the hard way. And remember this, too. There will always be a strange and particular appeal in unusual abilities that can be curiously tempting. Weaknesses can be strengths, and strengths can be turned to weakness. But strengths turned to weakness are tragedy indeed. Your world, human culture, again; is proof of this. Whatever is withheld from love is always... always... given over to fear, and we can and will assure you that whatever is given over to fear will always be fearful in consequence. This is only part of our answer. We know the questions you will ask in response to this. All your questions have already been asked and answered. Is this the narrative of which you speak?

It was very hard not to bold/italic the whole answer - and those are my highlights - not the writer's. Read this and read it again and again. This is wisdom that needs to go so far into us that it becomes etched upon our cells - infused in their vibratory frequency.

I give my deepest thanks for the time and thought that the author of this answer put into its creation, to a question that I had no idea had such deep connotations or important meaning, which brought it to a whole new stunning level.

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