It seems, once again, we are awaiting something. But What? Well the options are endless. Anything from martial law to financial collapse, to aliens walking amongst us. Things are opening up and information is coming to light on The Secret Space Program, The Break Away Civilizations, Agenda 2030, the ancient backstory of the planet, and everybody is being generally more accepted with their own High Strangeness experiences, and of course Disclosure.


It sounds wonderful, right? And we all AWAIT.


IMO we love to await. Await the return of our religious saviors, await the return of the gods (that’s right, little g ), await for peace, await the ascension… and there are those of us awaiting enough informational input to weave a story, a sort of understanding behind all the theories and ideas and experiences and research. Desperately awaiting some sense to be made.


While we await, we all try to be a part of this light being shed on the millions of ideas floating out there in our communal mind, wanting that definitive piece of something sensible to show up that makes it all click in our brain so we can all go "Ahhh, there it is!" Or, as I have seen recently there are those who get in the game with all the right costuming and right bells and whistles to play the game the same way people play politics, to become the who's who of everything walking around in their own little worlds of being great and untouchable ( and IMO down right snotty). I guess on this planet it has always taken all kinds to build a populace in any substructure. Always those trying to gain power and those waiting to be powerful. I seem to run into them (maybe it’s a lesson from the universe?). I am at a gathering of over 4000 people this week end, all of who should know how to behave better - should be at that pinnacle of better behavior because they know it is part of the path. And yet, all the substructure of groups of people exist. My friends, very dear friends, were treated quite rottenly by people who SHOULD know better, people professing to know better, to be on that high consciousness roll.


OK, I don't know what I was expecting. Well, yes I do, maybe it was just a little better manners, at the most basic. And definitely people who were more open to learn, instead of trying so hard to prove they are the ones in the know - positioned beautifully to be your savior. Don't we already know that the savior route is what got us here in the first place??? The group I am with, despite the heat, the crush, the bad manners, the egos that came at us, were all beautiful people. In 114 degree heat, I suppose, if your true nature is hiding, it will come out. It was an excellent opportunity to see who they really are. I love my people. They are as beautiful as they seem to be. All of them.


But the rest of the zoo that was there… well… let's just say that we still have a long way to go. I would not want to visit this place, this earth, if I had to be in the crush of people who all thought they were special and above the rest of us on a hot day with everybody's worst hanging out. The attitudes that were present were difficult. Welcome to the human rat race. I know it's there, I just hoped it had transformed the same way our thoughts about where and what we want to become have, lifted a bit, that people would go that extra mile to be what they so admire, to emulate what they want to become, even when it's hard.


We have such a long way to go yet… because until we stop awaiting, and begin becoming, we will stay exactly right where we are. I was simply hoping for a mass response of … more…

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  1. Well said once again Alison. We talk about open hearts open minds, open to many things, but a lot of people don’t get it.

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