A Little Tuesday Rant…


The more I get into the DW & CG information, the more it confirms what I have felt for a long time. This is one hell-of-a mess! Some of the most convoluted, twisted, spun (add your own adjectives) information-dis-information ever. There is no true straight path through it. There is no story line, or factual this happened then this happened, that in the telling could straighten this morass out.

Everybody has had a hand in changing, messing with and adapting who and what we are. Everybody has their own 'take' on why they interfered the way they did. Prime Directive??? This is the Prime Reason for it! Look at this mess!!! And somehow, we are supposed to come out of all of this with a clear picture of who we choose to be.

I suppose the options are endless. Maybe you could say that each soul on the planet will have a different understanding and culmination to this bearing on what they singly and we all will become as a whole.

So, with all those agendas out there, influencing what we should become, what they want us to become, NO ONE has asked the question of the planet, of us, the ones everybody are manipulating:

"What do you choose to be?"

So I'm asking. Imagine for a brief moment that nobody anywhere-or-when migrated here, got put here, nobody ever was genetically messed with here, that we are pristine just as we are:


I asked it once before https://alsionsbells.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/who-would-we-have-been/ , I was angry then, I still am now. I have been trying to look at this situation with some sort of compassion, with an open mind, with some reason. Parents (if it is the case really) are never perfect. Never. No matter how hard you try to be. - personal experience speaking here…

We have been stuck in a black pit of despair and sadness on this planet for a very long time. It is time to heal ourselves and move on. Connecting the dots is great, and it does help understanding and compassion, and thus letting go and moving through what has hurt you, but at some point we have to get up and get on with it. We must set boundaries and quit allowing the shit to go on that is hurting us, and we must be strong enough and compassionate enough to hold those boundaries up in front of all onslaught.

Because mommy and daddy are NOT coming to save us, and there will be no graduation except what we ourselves discover from inside our own selves and we need to realize this and get with the plan before the miscreants ruin this place beyond all fixing.

I'm almost done with the who did what to whom story. All I want to do at this point is GET THE DAMNED JOB DONE! I am beyond caring…. BLAST them all. The bread and circus, the cabal, the ET's, the IT's, the ED's the whom evers. We can all play nice AFTER we get the mess on the planet straightened out.

Think tipping point. The one we just passed. The one that will turn this garden into a grave yard if we don’t freaking wake up and realize it's on our shoulders to fix.


Ours needs to be to FIX THIS PLANET!

Because all the backstory in the world will not matter when this world ceases to be here.

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