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Three ideas;

  1. Loosh explosion vs. loosh extinguishment
  2. Healing everything connected to the nexus of planet earth

They are connected.

Follow me, for just a minute;

if loosh is dark, sad and angry e-motion (energy-in-motion) that 'the-they' - the invaders need to survive,


we need as a planet to wake up to rid ourselves of this destructive element and there are two ways to do it

1. through massive data dumps that will expose all the heinous crimes of 'the-they' and make the entire planet all angry, sad, and dark


2.  by healing the damage done to us, each one of us working on ourselves, clearing the emotional debris from ourselves of eons of abuse and damage, thereby raising up out of those deep dark e-motions

What way would be the safest way to do it, and what way would cause the eventual withering and death of those that need the dark? Certainly NOT option 1,  the huge explosion!!! Since they know they can no longer stem the tide to the eventual reveal of who and what they are and have done, at least, if they get the explosion of anger and negativity a huge data dump will give them, they might just have enough e-motion to fight back.

Further, if it is true that the dark contingents who are trapped here by a current ring-pass-not around the solar system until some future date for the 'event', then it would seem that this event that will change the energy of all who experience it by raising (making better - positive) the qualities of said intelligences, might just be the last-ditch effort by somebody to give us all - both negative and the positive a way to evolve and move on.

Ultimately healing is a way to move on, be whole. Whole enough to let go of who and what made you sick and go on with your experience of living. That is sometimes very hard to do until you understand that whatever made you sick, was also sick. Till you get to the root cause of that, you basically are only treating the symptoms. It's like putting a Band-Aid over a wound that needs stiches.

Further, if each person who even accomplishes this just a little bit, helps to make it easier for the rest to start/continue/finish the process, then the little guy like me who wishes they could do something to help, can. As we heal our insides, the healed frequency we give off helps raise the whole just a fraction, making it just that much easier for the next person to do it. Like a snowball rolling down hill, eventually it will become an avalanche.

It's all about my new word, CONSENSUS. It used to be about the quantum box, and that isn't real but the reason we think it is, is because our consensus has been tricked into thinking is was. It has kept us kicking screaming and whining about an exterior cage, instead of turning inside and asking why we got there. Because the key to the quantum box/cage is inside us. The consensus IS the key.

So just what IS this consensus? It is an agreement about anything. The color blue, the taste of sour. It is archetypal and singular at the same time. It is any shared, agreed upon thing amidst a group of people either consciously or unconsciously and-or both.

For instance. If there is a huge section of the population that has been damaged by war, then that segment has an unconscious linkage together about the way they felt about it and they don't even have to talk about to know what the other one feels.

Further, if we know that it is going to take a planet full of semi healed people to wake up and smell the coffee, then we better get at it. If we know negative energy in motion, e-motion, is feeding the bears, then we better QUIT responding to their provocations. The healing and getting rid of the negative imperative are intrinsically wrapped up together, for at the core of everything that needs to be healed is a negative, lurking in there, fueling the pain and being a switch that can be flipped to activate your painful emotions that 'the-they' can and will flip as often as they want to, to get the negative loosh they need. They are masters at building an unconscious consensus that can activate all the negative in us at the flip of a metaphorical switch. So tell me,


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