…and I remain deeply troubled in my heart


Why do we fight? Why do we kill - to protect those that are defenseless, those that we love? One day, to live in a world, a system, a galaxy where this does not have to be a reality - can that even happen? Will there always have to be those valiant souls who would be willing to fight for those that can't, the ones that deserve to stay home with their loved ones, who need to be there - and not out in the damned galaxy somewhere getting shot up?

We dream of compassion and peace. We want this, and yet we know nothing of it. The whole world has been at war for thousands of years. The people of the earth can't seem to pull their heads out of their asses. We all talk a good game - we all say we want peace, enlightenment, and yet, do we? Really? We do not even know what it means - not grass roots down deep inside. We have fleeting moments of recognition but most of us are so trained by this war-world that we end up saying, "Yeah, right…Peace, that’s nice."

A friend of mine has just gotten pretty well banged up fighting a war for those he loves in place he doesn't even belong to.


Because he is one of those who will, one of those valiant souls. He wrote the following, I share it because he is lucky to be alive and because you should know his thoughts and realize he fought anyway.

Alison Bell For you.

You would have me teach them about trust? The insane do not trust, querida. They do not trust anything. I am disappointed. I expected a greater charity. Instead... She was clear in her interpretations, largely because her perceptions are not skewed by ego. She wishes to know "how to connect it all?" Enlightenment has not changed them. I have said this before. Each of them seeks answers to questions. Without offering anything in exchange. Is this fair? To know how it will all unfold. But they do not seek these things out of compassion or hope, but in a subtle greed for power and celebrity. They cling to their fears like a beloved. It is all they know. It is all they see. So yes. I will help teach them. They will not enjoy the lesson before them. But they will harvest a great wisdom in it. I offer no other guarantee. No other promise. Trust... It is not the same as faith. It is more...

Trust is the only foundation on which your ability as a culture to fulfill your collective dreams could rest. All perception in the Universe is the result of learning. In fact, perception is learning, because cause and effect are never separated. Especially here. On this planet. Your Earth. Your home. We have trust in your world, because we have learned that your world is not governed by the laws your world made up. It is governed by a Power That is in each of us, but not of us. It is this Power That keeps all things safe to us in your world. It is through this Power that we look on a world only a few of you can see. It is the same world you would watched destroyed in your search for identity. The same world your judgements would condemn. Look around you. Set your ego aside for just one moment. Look honestly. Perhaps in that moment of truth and trust, you will see your world as we see it. You need only glimpse it to understand. But need is never enough. Learning is change.

Once trust has been experienced, it will be impossible for any of you to enjoy your own petty strengths again. Who would attempt to fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when the mighty power of an eagle has been given him? And who would place his faith in the shabby offerings of human ego when the gifts of Creation are laid before him? What is it that will induce humanity to make this shift? You would know this, Alison? You cannot 'un-know' it once you do. Your perception will never return to its previous state.

This is how it unfolds. This is time travel, Alison. First, each of you, all of you will go through what might be called "a period of undoing." This need not be painful, but it is usually so experienced. In that moment, it will seem as if things are being taken away, and this is rarely understood initially by a culture or an individual within that culture that their lack of value is merely being recognized. How can lack of value be perceived unless the perceiver is in a position where he must see things in a different light? Your culture is not yet at a point at which it can make that distinction or that shift internally or entirely. And so the future moment will sometimes call for changes in what seem to be external circumstances. These changes are always helpful. When humanity has learned this much, it will go on to a subsequent stage. When that moment happens is not up to any of you or us. It is up to Creation to decide. And it will. Trust this.

Next, 'afterwards,' the planet must go through "a period of sorting out." This is always somewhat difficult because, once having learned that the changes upon each of you and the world are helpful, your culture must then decide all things on the basis of whether they increase that helpfulness or hamper it. Humanity will find that many, if not most of the things it valued before will merely hinder its ability to transfer what it has learned to new situations as they arise. And because humanity has valued what is really valueless, it will not generalize any of this lesson for fear of additional loss and sacrifice. It takes great learning to understand that all things, events, encounters and circumstances are helpful. It is only to the extent to which they are helpful that any degree of reality should be accorded them in this your world of illusions. The word "value" can apply to nothing else. And it does not apply to anything else. But know this, that what applies to the world and to humanity, also applies to each of you individually.

The next stage through which humanity and its home must go through can be called "a period of relinquishment." If this 'period' and the events that occur during it are interpreted as giving up the desirable, it will engender enormous conflict. And human beings are very good at conflict. Few cultures escape this distress entirely. There is, however, no point in sorting out the valuable from the valueless unless the next obvious step is taken. Therefore, the period of overlap is apt to be one in which much of humanity will feel called upon to sacrifice its own best interests on behalf of a truth it does not yet know and does not yet acknowledge or teach. In your ego-centric state, humanity will not realize how wholly impossible such a demand would be. It can learn this only as it actually does give up the valueless. Through this, humanity will learn that where it anticipated grief, it will find a happy future of hope and potential instead; where it thought something was being asked of it, or a punishment was being inflicted upon it, it will find a gift bestowed on it. Instead.

Then will come your future. Then will come "a period of settling down." This will be a quiet time, in which humanity will rest a while in reasonable peace. Now will it consolidate its learning. Now will it begin to see the transfer value of what it has learned. Now its potential is literally staggering, and it reaches the point in its evolutionary progress at which it sees in it, its whole and only way out of the calamity it has invited. This is the answer to your question, sweet Alison, "Give up what you do not want, and keep what you do." How simple is the obvious? And yet how easy is it in truth to do? Humanity will need this period of respite. At this juncture in time, it has not yet come as far as it thinks it has. Yet when it is ready to go on, it will go on with mighty companions beside it. But in that moment, in that now, it will rest a while, and gather them before going on. If it survives itself, it will not go on from this moment alone.

After this, the next stage is indeed "a period of unsettling." Now must humanity understand that it did not really know what was valuable and what was valueless. All that it has really learned so far is that it did not want the valueless, and that it did want the valuable. Yet its own sorting out was meaningless in teaching it the difference. The idea of sacrifice, so central to human thought systems, had made it impossible for humanity to judge. It thought it learned willingness, but now it sees that it does not know what the willingness is for. And now must humanity attain a state that may remain impossible to reach for a very long, long time. It must learn to lay all judgment aside, and ask only for what it really wants in every circumstance. Were not each step in this direction so heavily reinforced by consequence, it would be hard. Very hard.

And finally, humanity will find "a period of achievement." In a now not so distant from this one. It is here that all its learning is to be consolidated. In that now, what was seen as merely shadows before will become solid gains, to be counted on in all "emergencies" as well as tranquil times. Indeed, tranquility is their result; the outcome of honest learning, honest 'being' consistency of thought and full transfer of devotion to the truth of your existence. This is the stage of real peace, real potential, real future, for here is Creation's state fully reflected. From here, the way to the stars is open and easy. In fact, it is here and only here. And who would "go" anywhere, if peace of mind and peace of culture is already complete? Earth was meant as a destination, not as a place to escape. And who would seek to change tranquility and peace for something more desirable? What could be more desirable than this? Humanity has a future. In peace. Only in peace.

This is our trust. One day it will be yours. Have I answered your question, Alison? Yes. I believe I have.

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