Another way of looking at the dominance of FOCUS


Where is your FOCUS? Who Controls your FOCUS?


It does NOT judge

It does NOT weigh truth or lie

It does NOT gauge accuracy

It does NOT negate or prove any fact


Do you understand?

With my love and deepest respect to one of this age's most brilliant philosophers and teachers, I give you this article Written by Justin Deschamps :

Light Workers and The Lost Art of Transmuting Fear into Love -- The Path of Love vs. Path of Fear | Benjamin Fulford's Cannibalism Photos Response

a few quotes...

Embracing, in this sense, does not mean complacency it means accepting reality in fullness (the good and the bad) so that the disorder of this world can be healed. For example, if we get sick with a virus, ignoring reality won't empower us to take healing steps. Thus, accepting the truth of our sickness is essential, while also striving to overcome it. That is what embracing the whole truth means. The spiritual warrior or light worker bravely accepts the truth about evil while striving to be a force for change to transmute darkness into light.

The timeline of positivity is founded on the whole truth in my understanding. The darkness of this world will remain dark and unhealed if we who have the light within shield it by avoiding dark things. This, I think, is a great psyop of the false New Age movement, that we need to avoid darkness and somehow this will allow us to ascend. Things, in reality, are not inherently negative, they are seen as dark by you, the observer—and when you turn away from this darkness you have created, it breeds into more darkness within you. This is one meaning of Yoda's statement about fear being the path to the dark side.

It is the Cabal's trick so to speak, to get people to react in fear, as so many do, then try to hide from that fear within themselves by avoiding their triggers. This way the very people who are trying to "stay positive" by avoiding their fears actually become vessels of darkness and fear because their fears are still there under the surface. Thus, the only way to stop the cycle is to face the fear, love it, heal it, allow it to wash over us, and transmute the darkness into light. This can only happen with knowledge, awareness, and love of the whole truth, not rejection and avoidance of reality to maintain an illusion of positivity. In this way, we steer the collective consciousness of humanity towards a positive timeline and future by empowering ourselves with the whole truth.

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My last article tried to say some of this, only Justin has said it much, much more eloquently.



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