Are we binary beings or trinary beings? (first clue, this is a 3D world)


Are we a simulation in the mind of God, or a simulation in a great big alien computer? What can I say about hidden in plain sight? Or a part of the equation never considered, hidden inside of our selves that we are so afraid to look at, that now we have become infinitely trick able in the modern world thought paradigm...

Thursday, January 5, 2017

7:28 AM

This article goes through a very well thought out process of comparing two hypothesis and does an excellent job of it. However...

Were we to examine as in the above article all the similarities between the two, they both do the same things, the elements act the same way, and from our view point are the same. However, I would posit that we have lost something over the vast space of time that this current version of man has walked this current version of the earth, and that is being in touch with our insides/intuition/inner knowing.

What we really have in the above article is a binary version, an either or, and I would say that the answer lies in a trinary field of thought. Not the either-or. Thusly, what no one takes into account is the inner perspective. The human knowingness that arises from inside ourselves, that third aspect of creation, the heart/mind of the person itself. The direct experience! Especially when the one component that is missing in each of the above arguments is the inner perception/intelligence of the person. Let me ask - why is no one taking this into account and why doesn't it count?

Part of the quantum box - the entangled matrix we are caught in is this web of lies we all try to navigate as our reality and that we have been thoroughly taught to discount our inner selves and our own inner perceptive abilities. I would say that all observations are incorrect due to the lack of a final piece of data - our own intuitional perceptional fact gathering responses. Further, the entire planet has been taught to dis-avow, malign and laugh at all the information from this perception system that is a very valid fact gathering system on its own. We have been taught binary - either or reasoning: pos-neg, light-dark, yes or no - 0's or 1's….binary reasoning. The fallacy here is that we are trinary beings NOT binary. Body-emotion-mind, heart-soul-spirit, right-middle-left. We keep forgetting this. Or we have been trained that it is a fallacy; well, it isn't. And we and our twisted thinking will discover nothing about the universe and what it is or how it works as long as we ignore a piece of the data, especially that piece!

Here is the point and one of the nine veils, IMO;  we have been shoved into a 2 dimensional box when we are a 3dimensional being. Why? Because there is no way to control our intuition. Therefore it has been made a sin, a crime and is a major sign of mental instability to have and use your intuitive perception because 'they' would not be able to manipulate our reality if we all listened to our heart/minds (inside), so we have been trained to discount and ignore it, and in every scientific pursuit out there, to be caught utilizing that part of the data will get you immediately discredited and fired.

This is what needs to be changed. Because were we to add that piece of the data to the equation, we would find the truth. Truth...remember that - the thing that rings 'true' where??? Inside. Truth and the recognition of it is on the.... wait-a-minit... where?????


End of story - and probably his-story…. If you get my drift.

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