Be still, and listen.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

11:17 AM

It is all coming together, every last bit of it. I have been quiet because the confluence (an act or process of merging. From <> ) of information and events is falling into place, beautifully, almost hypnotically. And I, it seems, have reached a point of just floating in the river… I am swept away just observing it all. Right now, I have no more opinions, and I have no more theories (except that the theories have become distractions) and no more busy-mind.

I have come to a point of stillness on it all as I watch it all play out. This stillness is not easy, yet it is not hard to maintain. It just is and it has been emerging from me since before christmas. Usually I write in a flurry of opinion and 'Ah Ha!' but there has been way to much of that to even keep up with, besides, I have written before about much of what is being spoken about today with authority. I thought to re-post some of my old writings, but they can live where they are in the past. They are there should anybody need them.

I am filled with stillness - not even anticipation, I am simply watching this grand story unfold. I am listening to all the chatter in the outer world and finding things falling into place, one brick at a time as that 'yellow brick road' unfolds before me.

So, join me - watch… it is quite the story.

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