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I have spent the last couple of days listening to the evolution of one of my teachers from the 80's, and it's such a brilliant journey! One that is so very definitely 'as above, so below' and perfectly fitting to a woman I would expect no less from, ever.

Back in the 80's it was all about the chakras being data fields to our energetic counterparts: emotions/thoughts/resonations. Each chakra had an information base that related to one of our functions in the real world, and held the basis for our emotional responses and functioning in said realm.

Ever since we created and deployed the atomic bomb - 1944, we have been in the atomic 'age'. It is not coincidence that this corresponds to the birth of human cosmic consciousness. Although we were entirely unaware of it, when we exploded the bomb, we also opened the cosmic door in our psyches. And until 2012, the tipping point where enough people woke up to bring it mainstream, there was some question as to whether we could keep that door open.

The problem with this (have you ever noticed, there is always a problem) is that we have not brought our understanding of our sacred anatomy along with us. Oh, we have it, but it is buried deep within us, socially conditioned to hide from the light of day, making, in the oddest way, our greatest wisdom and most beautiful light, our dark sides! The very tools and parts of ourselves we need to progress in this new level of being have been buried ON PURPOSE inside of us and made to be 'nonsense', a public laughing stock, in a very twisted plan to delay and perhaps destroy the emergence of our true selves and our true power.

Spiritually speaking, this new frequency demands a new understanding and a new or better ethical and moral code from us. It demands a closer more intimate connection to our souls, higher selves, innate knowingness, an attentive ear, an awakened heart, an honest spirit. But we are currently doing anything but looking for that connection, and because we shun knowing ourselves, as we have been taught, a whole new plethora of dis-ease has begun to show up in human kind. Just as we have 7 notes in an octave, we have seven centers in the body with correspondences all the way up the octaves in to the cosmic sector.

The Universe operates on LAW. Natural LAW, and of course there are correspondences with the body and our energetic data centers. (because: As-Above-So-Below/As-Within-So-Without)

The Universal, non-man made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of human behavior are a body of universal spiritual laws that act as the governing dynamic of consciousness and all manifestation. They also have correspondence in the body with the chakras.


Visit this page for the BEST interactive information source on the CHAKRA SYSTEM and its TRIPLE correspondence to your life, your sacred connection to each one and questions to help you understand your intimate relationship to the working of this system in your personal life!

Natural Law is an impersonal force. It. Just. Is

The 7 basic principles of Natural law :

  • Mentalism: all is mind (energy), a thought is a packet of mental energy
    • 7th chakra: purple
    • spirituality and lessons related to spirituality
    • All is one
    • Brain/crown
  • Correspondence: As Above. So Below. Fractality of the universe
    • 6th chakra: indigo
    • lesson related to mind, intuition, insight and wisdom
    • Honor one another
    • pituitary/pineal 3rd eye
  • Vibration: all is movement, manifestation, if it is, it vibrates. Including thoughts…
    • 5th Chakra: blue
    • Lessons related to self-expression
    • Honor ones' self/Creative Divine
    • Thyroid/throat
  • Polarity: duality is only a difference in degree of the same thing - hot to cold, or dark to light….
    • 4th chakra: green
    • lessons relating to love, forgiveness and compassion
    • Love is divine power
    • heart and lungs, upper back
  1. Rhythm: The pendulum swing, equal and opposite reaction
    1. 3rd chakra: yellow
    2. lessons related to ego, personality and self-esteem, will power
    3. surrender personal will to divine will
    4. digestion stomach, liver, small intestines
  • Cause and Effect: 2 planes; first a thing has a cause and then it has an effect. To manifest, it must be first thought of (Energy follows thought) and then it can manifest in the obvious 3D world.
    • 2nd chakra: orange (animal groups souls)
    • Lessons related to money work ,physical desire, sex
    • seek only truth,
    • lower back, large intestine, ovaries uterus
  • Gender: generative concept, that male/giving +female/receiving = effect/manifestation
    • base chakra: red
    • lessons related to the material world
    • Live in the present moment
    • tail bone

PLUS the 8th principle which is the master Key:

Universal Wisdom

If you wonder why a thing is, you must discover its originating cause, diagnose it, so to speak, by noticing what you are focusing on - mental principle, or caring about. What we care enough to put our will and attention (care) behind IS what will manifest. And if you do not deal with it, its final resting place will be in your body. You WILL manifest it there to make sure you pay attention!!

Care becomes the ultimate generator of the quality of our experience, or what is manifesting in our lives. One definition of Unity Consciousness is: When our thoughts, emotions and actions are unified by care, we will generate the product of that unified consciousness in our own lives. And by the Law of correspondence another Definition of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is the unified field of heart and mind of all persons on earth. Or as I like to call it, The Consensus REALITY… that we are all stuck in.

And why are we all stuck there in the current Consensus? Well, because Thethey (the 'they') of the world know how to focus ALL that power of the world mind (us) and direct it to manifest what 'they' want … (egregor)

HOW do 'they' do that? By setting us up using the content, both emotional and mental that we are inundated by on a daily basis in the media ( news, TV programs {right there - a word… we are programmed} Movies, Music, social media) that plants a seed of an idea (cause) and effect(emotion) into the consensus mind/world-mind that they will then activate at some time in the future during a false flag or other trigger that will have 75% of the population reacting mindlessly (unawares), for whatever purpose they have planned. (75% might be too low a figure…)

Sometimes it is not enough to want to do something, especially when you are nescient about it. Meaning the information you need to accomplish the task has been deliberately withheld and hidden, or only partially correct (dis-info). If you don't have all the information there is a mental disconnect that happens so you can't get there from here. So we are being held in a Consensus Trance.

The only way we can begin to dismantle this tangle of twisted energetic dis-ease, (and it is illness, a new one we have created by our misapprehension of who we really are) is by each and every one of us agreeing to do the inner work, agreeing to a new level of inner integrity and honesty, one that by its sheer veracity yanks open that door to our jailed souls and sets them free to once again inhabit intimately who we are.

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