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noun: hologram; plural noun: holograms

  1. a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source

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Ok, I've got admit it - this word…  I've hated this word because it has always implied fake - or manmade or computer generated. But really, by the definition above, it isn't.

If you look at the sacred geometry of the underlying structure of the universe, all matter is a fractal piece of the first photon - the Amplituhedron. When it fractalized it created infinite pieces of itself (sort of like a big bang, but NOT in matter, in LIGHT)

The universe is a conscious entity. We are told over and over in EVERY piece of sacred literature, that we have become so that Source may know its self. Which makes this universe a conscious hologram and everything in it, conscious.

In fact, if you look at it from this perspective, not only are we all connected - we are all the 'body' of this universe projected from one source experiencing itself in an infinity of choices. We ARE nature, we ARE consciousness. (Have you ever thought that we are living on the electrons of the atoms of a huge body - the universe - and then wondered what the people are like who live on the electrons of the atoms in your body?)

This makes reality a projected illusion within the conscious hologram of the living being of the universe. This source consciousness is experiencing itself by slowing down its awareness into harmonic resonances and at each stage we have a different type of beingness, or manifestation - much light water has three states (four if you are up on the latest research, but let's keep this easy) or much like the rainbow you get when you break light through a prism…

The whole idea in the frequency we live in, 3D, is to bring awareness - source consciousness into this physical level we inhabit. Perception… This is better known as intuition at its highest function in this frequency band we knock around in. In fact, Intuition IS the basic informational structure in nature associated with perception, it underlies everything - this knowingness that we have.

Remember when I talked about us being so intuitive that we couldn't stand ourselves some articles back? Well, we are . We jump through all sorts of hoops to not notice. And why do we think it necessary to not notice? Because we have been trained that it is bad - of the devil - we have been hung, burnt at the stake and murdered for it. But it's always there. We however are so mind-fucked (excuse the word, but truth is truth) that we will do anything to ignore this basic unit of perception.

And funnily enough, this type of perception, intuition is the one that most clearly connects us to the source.

So, can you see that the entire purpose of the current controlling system we all labor under has been to cut us off from our connection to the source of the life force that flows through us - is us - for the purpose of controlling us, corralling us, and herding us?

The funny thing is this source is the makeup of our being and all we have to do is turn our inner eyes to it and look - There it is!!! Now if the controllers can keep us distracted long enough by all the bullshit, we will forget to look, and that is exactly what they want from us with each new stupid thing they manufacture to keep us distracted. You all know what they are and how they work. They are all fun toys - but take a minute each day - put all the ideas and gadgets down and open your inner eyes and thank the source for the intuition, energy and awareness flowing through your metaphysical self.

Because you can be awake and have your toys too. It's just a matter of realizing you know what you know. Sort of like when you were little and you stubbed your toe or skinned your knee and your mom told it wasn't that bad - but it was and it hurt! And you knew it! Also, miraculously you could alter your perception, dial down the pain and accept her kiss on the booboo for the magic it was. Once we reconnect we will be in a position to design our experiences the way we desire them and we will not really need the toys anymore, but we can still have them should we choose. But we have to re-member ourselves into the universe first. The distractions like boo-boo kisses and toys only work up to a certain point and then yah gotta look.

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