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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will control your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung

If you are not using your subconscious mind, for sure, somebody else will. But how do they get into it? How do they 'infest' a part of you? Something you believe is only yours and for heaven's sake, private?

Well, follow me into the fringe for a moment. We live in a box with 5 holes. We do. We see the entirety of creation through our five senses. Not only have we been trained to look ONLY through those five holes, we have been punished for looking elsewhere. That elsewhere is inside, indeed, the doorway to the universe.

If they are pumping our subconscious full of scary drivel 24/7/365 through the other wavelengths of the spectrum (you all remember the pictures that show that and the teeny-tiny piece of it that the 5 holes can make sense of) in a vain effort to control where we look (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain) then wouldn't that make you want to go and look?

Further, once you did you would realize that your subconscious mind is not just only yours - but a sea of everybody's unconscious stuff. In fact, there is NO separation between you and me, just a difference of perception and willingness to look.

Well, what if the PTB decided to weaponize this part of us, by sending it scary messages and really gnarly images? What if in this day and age of technology it is also ridiculously easy to do that? What if this was all set up to catch us in this net of deception right at the time we all started to grow and open up our whole minds? What if they wanted to head off at the pass their complete and utter loss of control over us? And, what if it is NOT working, this last bastion of control they think they have over us?

You see, if they can actually do this sneaky inputting of information into our minds, and like Cliff High points out it comes out in the world wide linguistic emotional analogs - and we really are all of one mind - with different perceptions, then it is child's play to invade us all like a common cold.

We really are all connected and it is through this world of the electromagnetic spectrum, through negatives and positives, electron flow, ones and zeros, just like Jimmy said last night that this type of underhanded programming can take place. We live in a veritable soup of electronic noise every moment of the day. Hello.

But we are not aware of that because it lies outside of what we are allowed to perceive. And should we go down the rabbit hole to look through our inner subconscious minds to see it differently, they have conveniently made sure it will scare the crap out of us, so we never do it again… So we never get past the garbage to all the other goodies in there, not the least of which is that, this is the meeting place of our souls and all other life out/in there. The proof of that is their ability to feed us all the same unconscious garbage - data point to Cliff High.

They desperately want to keep us OUT of that area of our minds. So yeah, we are invaded. We have a very obvious mind virus. One that we could easily kick out and get on with discovering who and what we are. But we must be willing to encounter the dweller on the threshold and know it for what it is. Bullshit. Period.

There is nothing to fear in there but fear its self….

Go poke around inside your mind and see if any of this makes sense to you.


I feel so strongly about this that my zeal got away with me last night while talking to Jimmy Church and I do wish to apologize for the off color descriptive adjectives….  (the swearing). To my utter mortification I will now be known not for the idea - but for its presentation. Drinks on me…

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