Energy follows Thought


Always has been, always will be. Old and new, tried and true.

But what's it really mean????

Every time you have a thought it IS an energy signature/frequency that you emit electromagnetically from yourself. The more consistent, coherent and organized, i.e.: the clearer that thought is, the more power it has. This is demonstrated in the physical body very clearly by a number of dis-eases that plague humanity today. The Most obvious being, ulcers. Yes, they are caused by a bacterium, however that bacterium is harmless unless you are resonating in a particular frequency range that corresponds to anger turned inward.

e-follows-thoughtWhen you combine a coherent thought with emotional intent (like supercharging it) you have in today's parlance, magic, in tomorrow's parlance you are simply using the physics of thought. When we spend time getting to know ourselves and thusly uncover our underlying motivations, our intents, we can refine what we draw to ourselves - we can choose more of what we want - instead of feeling like we are hanging in the wind with no options. In very simple terms, an intent is what you really wanted out of something down below all the nicely trained in societal reasons.

Meditation and other practices that help thought-training, i.e. your ability to hold, magnify and stay on one thought, help make the construct - the thought more organized. Then you fire that up with the right well developed intent and, voila, you manifest. If what you create is nominal and at best half there, so were your thoughts about it - that or your intent (emotional feeling about it) was only half there or confused and conflicted.

e2-follows-thoughtAs we slide into 4D - simply a faster vibratory base rate, it will make these things happen very easily. But!!! There is one caveat that is really important, until you realize the mechanics of how this works, you will be able to create an absolute nightmare for yourself till you figure it out. Yes, it's gonna take some real discipline. And yes, it's gonna be in your face that you are responsible for your own crap… but hey, how else are we gonna learn????

Actually, on a lot of levels this is already in operation with greater and greater power. That is because we do not all of a sudden one day just 'jump' into 4D. We sorta slide in like a baseball player stealing a base. We are already doing it. In a way the higher ET's are shielding us from our own folly by slowing down the process - or it would be a real mess down here.

e3-follows-thoughtHowever, we are getting to that point where masses of people actually do have the power to effect change on this planet. Subconsciously we are already doing that - we are subtly changing things - our dreams manifest - we all want this world to be a beautiful place and we all want to live a peaceful life. Many of us are learning to ignore the mass media that is trying so desperately to shape our perceptions and thereby shape what we dream we want. We are learning to create in the stillness of our own hearts the peace and love, the beauty and abundance, the harmony and multiplicity in diversity we all want.

So hone your ability to think clear thoughts and ideas, clean out your emotional reservoir by making your intents honest and congruent with your heart and buckle up - cause it's about to get fun! (4D school is all about this)

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