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kosta-hollis-01I am posting this for a dear friend, Kosta Gus Makreas. He is the friend that Renee and I discovered we have in common. She mentioned it on Jimmy's Tribute Show on Beyond the Strange when she called IN!!! It was so amazing to hear her voice!


Kosta is the person who first encouraged me to accept who and what I am, and that contact can occur in weird and wonderful ways. To him I owe a great debt of gratitude for helping me to understand a much wider view of things, and for his undaunting acceptance and encouragement of my first sharings of these experiences with a wider public.   I highly encourage you to explore his excellent programs and web site. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!



Hello ETLetsTalk Community,

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY TO OUR "Global CE-5 ET Contact Initiative" !!!!

It is YOU, the "Global CE-5 ET Contact Community" who have created the leading edge of the 'People's Disclosure Movement'. You have my eternal thanks.

This Initiative started with barely 40 CE-5 teams in October, 2010, and now we have 200 teams participating every month!  In time, we will grow to thousands of teams in every country.

When I started the "Global CE-5 ET Contact Initiative" I had a communication from my ET Friends. They had a simple request of me and of us.

"Create as many contact teams as possible, in as many places as possible, as soon as possible.", they asked.

I took that request to heart. Every one of you who have been a part of this mission is fulfilling that request.

The ETs said that as our teams make contact with them it gives them added permission to appear in more places. Those new places allow more humans to see and experience them and to desire to communicate with them. That, in turn allows the ETs to appear and interact in even MORE places. The ETs call this a "virtuous circle".


If every one of you reading this finds just one more person to become a free member at we would quickly double our membership.

Will you convince that one person to join for free at ??

When they join they become part of my email list and will get monthly invitations to join our "Global CE-5 ET Contact Initiative". Plus they will get lots of other benefits including a place marker on the "CE-5 Member Map", a Profile, ability to upload CE-5 reports and read reports of other members, ability to post their Contact videos, pic, art...and more!

By adding a friend to our membership YOU will contribute to the building of possibly another contact team - as we were asked to do.

Someday, there will be SO much human-ET contact going on that full disclosure by we, the People, will be accomplished on a large, very visible scale.

Our ETLetsTalk community numbers 6000+ people in more than 60+ countries and is growing daily.  We are here to serve you, our members. We are a global team partnering with loving ET Intelligence to co-create a Golden Age for Gaia and all of her lifeforms. Every person of goodwill and great heart is needed! will continue to inform you about our ongoing monthly "Global CE-5 ET Contact" events.  Thanks in advance for your participation.

You all rock!

Kosta Makreas

Founder: "Global CE-5 ET Contact Initiative",, ETLetsTalk Community and The People's Disclosure Movement

[email protected]

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