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This is what I get for falling asleep at 9:30-ish. All the comments I had for twitter! All the food conversation! White Castle! And one thing nobody mentioned PORTILLOS the best damned Italian beef anywhere!!! I dream of it, because they will not come to Indiana. That and a proper red hot, hot dog with green relish, onions, celery salt, mustard and the requisite slice of cucumber. Can't get that in Indy either…. I could go on. Sigh

The one thread going through most of all the things that were talked about last night was the thread of consciousness. Mr. Rappaport, began with the cover up of the astronaut's experiences. Which is something I have always been intrigued about because:

  1. We know that any 'enhanced abilities/experiences have been for the last 2,000 years plus sanctioned heavily. You open your mouth and you were either burned at the stake, or put in an insane asylum, lost your job, or shunned.
  2. It seems that whenever you leave the magnetic field of the earth, far enough up, that there is this huge opening effect on the function of the third eye.
  3. Has it occurred to anyone to wonder about whether we have a dampening field in effect here on the ground which keeps this function locked down? Is this natural, or could technology be the reason?

And prisms and mirrors? Hiding all sorts of things from our sight? What about the carat technology that is involved in this and when it malfunctions and we see it? (those drones that were appearing and disappearing over the caller's house?) What about the link to photons, DNA and frequency? Or, MIRRORS hiding the civilization on the moon. Could those 'mirrors' actually be a coherent field of photons?? Can light really hide things?

DJ Raytrain!!!!!!!! WOOOT! WRITE!!!!! Things have gotten interesting at the Bell house and I have not had enough time sit down a write like I would like (very frustrating), I need HELP! I remember back in the day when we ALL used to post articles up on Fade to Blog - all the wonderful creative ways to look at all the things we were hearing, all the amazing facts and connections! Plus, some of you began to share your own High Strangeness stories - those were amazing posts! I miss you all. Come Back, Please!

And…although I thought we had covered breakfast cereals for all time - as I sat listing to Steve from Bloomfield, Les and Jimmy laugh over getting caught crunching loudly in bed - semi conscious eating, and all the rest - I realized with Jimmy at the helm, we could actually do an entire nother show on the whole subject, 'specially if we got into what us wives have to put up with… And I'll just leave that right there.

Missed you all last night!

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  1. Yes, I believe there are many things hidden from us. But the barriers, the smoke and mirrors, are breaking down. So many of us have seen ships. Things in the sky that appear, then disappear. It’s maddening! And, a little funny. I’m sure there is consternation among those that are trying hand over fist to keep these secrets from us. I keep wondering if it’s only money that has them so worried we will “find out.” I don’t really think so. What would a world filled with free and informed people be like? It boggles the mind! I love this vision, this hope. I live for it for the sake of my children, grandchildren, and all of us.

    Jon Rappaport is a brave, relentless truther who deserves major kudos. I wonder about the kinds of restraints that are operating too. The systems that try to keep things hidden. Just a belief of mine, held for decades, is that these systems are technological.

    It sure seems like the powers are terrified of our collective third eye. It isn’t easy to open what with all the things they do to try to keep us shut down. But, I’m working on it as I know so many of us are. Call it a circle…

    Good thought provoking reading here Alison. Thank you once again!

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