Flapping in the Breeze


So, I'll say it.  IMO

In six weeks we will have full disclosure.

X-Files is the doorway.

It seems the only craziness that will fit. It seems the only thing that will shake us out of our drugged sleep. The only thing that will prepare the way for the rest of the information about all the things humanity must know to come out.


There are three distinct categories: (no links, nope, it's all out there)





Chemtrails Academia Mystery traditions hidden
Morgellons Local Gov't Spiritual elite
GMO's Fed Gov't religions


Banking/money magic Maligned human paranormal abilities
Big pharma Media Manipulation of human bio-energetic field with poisons
Black oil/goo Directed social pressure Energetic cage

Smart dust

Mind control Internal dis-connect from human divinity
HAARP Microwave induction/

Voice of god tech

External microwave interference with human bio-energetic system
AI Transhumanism Lights out


The only out-of-the-box thing, the only mental bomb that could have a big enough effect on the mainstream, would be the reveal. Because then, all the rest of the things that need to come out can do so without dismissal and disbelief. People would say,  If this is true, then; maybe we need to really listen to all the rest???


If I were to pick one real fantastically improbable thing that would destabilize the hierarchy of myth, that would be it. The rest would come tumbling down like a game of Jenga.


We all feel the tipping point that we are standing on the threshold of. WE are all collectively holding our breath waiting. At least our community is. And my point is that X-Files is that threshold.


I may be wrong, and I frequently am, but get ready, hold your hats, because here it comes!!!


P.s. if I am wrong - its cool, If I am not, well - there you go....

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