Where is our folksoul? The one that is this earth inside our hearts? Where has it gone? The one who vibrates with Gaia's thoughts? The one who heeds her calling and shows up? The one that was aware of every nuance of her song? The one that felt a river of love that never diminished, the one that knew Gaia's language, her heartsong?

We have lost our deep legends, our inner story that was once our truth. We didn't know that we were losing it. It happened so slowly. That frog in a can thing all over again. Slowly, slowly so we didn't notice the veils that slipped in between us and our souls. Slowly, slowly so that one day, if we could even remember it enough to notice that it was gone, it was too late. Unless. Unless you went expeditioning deep inside your soul hunting for it. But that is like chasing the smell of chocolate wafting in from some foreign land across a great ocean… Looking for the unseen, the non-materialized, the intentionally hidden and obfustigated.

That Folksoul, a term coined by Cara St. Louis, has all but died in us. That part of us that was just hooked in and knowing. Once it rested comfortably in our bellies. It told us about the weather, events, our health, everything that went on in our lives. It also held the story - history and herstory. The story of ancient times that resonated in our bones and our DNA. The story we can't even hear today because of all of the interference in its way.

Today we are captive to a system that has so many convoluted layers that we are blind. Given many names, like the 9 veils, levels of enlightenment, anything outside of ourselves that we must attain by somebody else's judgment… These layers control every aspect of our being, our food, our air, our health, our history, our families, our money, our beliefs, our 'entertainment' (and I use that term loosely). There isn't one moment of one day and night that we are not corralled and controlled.

And it's not enough to just know them, the veils, each one is so embedded and twisted that it takes time to understand it. And with each veil that comes down the enormity of what is actually going on is enough to make even the bravest, most stout-hearted person want to cover their head with a pillow and yell, "ENOUGH!!!"

It's an entire ride. A frequency soup. Like turning up the stereo so loud you feel it in your bones. But the more you know, the more you can do - and it gets easier as you go along, until one day, you just… turn the song off.

Me, I'm hunting the smell of chocolates…..

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