Fresh Eyes


It's amazing. It's hard and frustrating and yet, amazing to come back after a ten day absence to 'normal' life! The decompression runs a bunch of emotions through you. At least it has for me. I loved being in the desert at 29 palms and with my fader family! I can't remember when I have had so much fun! I can't remember when I have been so amazed at all the talents of each of you, all in one place! I can't remember ever, feeling a unity so bright and beautiful with so many people! If I wandered around looking confused most of the time, it's because I was overwhelmed with love and amazement for you all. Just looking at you all in the physical, the impact was stunning to me. I lost my words. I had to remind myself to keep my mouth closed, or as mom used to say, 'the flies would get in!'

I keep up on what all the speakers had to say, It was cool to actually see them and shake their hands. Amazing there too. I spent a lot of time amazed. Because when you meet someone in physical presence - physical proximity, there is so much more there to notice. Tons more information. Like for instance, David Hatcher Childress, he is always so very teacher-ish on the show Ancient Aliens. In real life this man has more energy and fun rolling off of him, Oh my!! Every time I looked at him I had to smile. He is so full of life and happy. So, seeing people in real life is chock full of so much more information.

Jimmy Church is one of those people too. I have never felt so much person, intelligence, crammed into a singular point of being. Ok, yes he's 6'2" (everybody is taller than me) but there is a mind and heart of a 70 foot giant in there. And there is an impeccable ethic of heart there too. I watched as he took the high road in situations, actually in every interchange I saw, with everybody and everything. I shouldn't be so amazed, because that is all in his voice, but the impact of the physical presence - the reality of it was stunning. I consider myself very fortunate to know this person and, that he counts me as friend. Wow. Just WOW!

Rita… There are just no words for Rita. The quiet understanding - that misses nothing! This is a very old soul contained in a short person body (like mine…lol) that sees all and knows and understands all. It was the privilege of a life time to meet her. It was a joy to look into a pair of knowing deep eyes in person. She has my heart and my profoundest respect forever.

The magic that happened at Fadernauts was off the planet. Oh yeah, and the food!!!! We can COOK!!!! Faders can really cook!!!! WOW. We can also really drink….lmao Who knew chilled Vodka shots were so dang delicious? I don't know how I stayed awake till 5 am (eastern time) three nights in a row, but I did. I was drunk on us - the faders, our guests. I had so much fun!!

Speaking of guests, Sunday night just rocked, all because Jimmy (my hero!!!) invited some friends over. I was delighted to really meet Richard Dolan and Mike Bara!!! Corey Goode is exactly what he says he is, and he is a wonderful gentle person to boot. David Wilcock covers a very sensitive side with all his humor. To say he is an old soul is an understatement, he is ancient. There is no better combination than intelligence, sensitivity and humor. My thanks to Javier for hauling all of his night vision equipment and cameras to the Faderhaus so we could all have our own personal night vision CE5 (meet up) with the crafts and the peoples in them, gratitude to them for showing up!

I don't know how 4 days could have been more perfect in my book of extraordinary experiences. So yeah, decompression next, back to the mundane, real world, with fresh eyes, and maybe some changes to be made for, what I have seen and the people I have touched and the experiences I have had, have changed me forever.

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