From the mind of a great thinker; Quantum Travel, the Big Picture


For a very beautiful, organized, larger view point of what my last four blogs are about, and yes, the majority of all of my blogs, I present this article to you.

Well written Justin!!!

Thank you all for the deep thought and deep research.

Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure Episode 12: Portals: Cosmic Web | Corey Goode and David Wilcock


Corey and David discuss the Cosmic Web and the naturally occurring portal systems in the universe. Stars and planets are connected via an electromagnetic web which is in turn connected to the Galaxy and the universe beyond. These connections can be used to travel the cosmos almost instantaneously, yet the skill required to do so is extensive.
Apparently the secret space program went through a phase of growth and development, creating technology which uses these connections. They based their methods off a pre-existing network of ancient star gates, build by beings who oversea the development of evolving races.

For me this was a very interesting episode. I remember when studying physics at University how it seemed like the universe would be a huge network of interconnected points, but only until recently did I have enough research under my belt to understand how this dynamic effects the planet and consciousness in general.

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