Go read this. The Fadernauts – we have each other’s backs in the war on disinformation.



Go read this. The Fadernauts - we have each other's backs in the war on disinformation.

How many of you remember this? I do! I was very excited. I also remember the ensuing fracas. So, I submit to you this article for your review because we are a community that also has each other's backs. We continually Do our due diligence and gently, but firmly keep each other straight. I am proud of us.



Discernment Case Study: The Awakening Community was Deceived | This Man Cracked Tesla's Secrets so the Internet Had Him "Killed"

Jim Murray Holding a Newspaper from December 12, 2015,

to prove he did not die in September.

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The is article is a follow up to Ground Breaking Discovery: Man Solves Tesla's Secret to Amplifying Power by Nearly 5000%.


The article mentioned above went viral shortly after it was published in September 2015. But the reaction from the awakening community was sobering, to say the least.



From <http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2016/08/Discernment-Case-Study-The-Awakening-Community-was-Deceived-This-Man-Cracked-Teslas-Secrets-so-the-Internet-Had-Him-Killed.html>



Murray's fake internet killing is one case of groupthink and mass mind control manipulation at its finest. Whether this came from government sources or just undiscerning people, the effect was the same: a man who, by all accounts, is genuinely trying to make the world a better place, was vilified and stoned to death—to use a metaphor from antiquity.


Those who did not verify the claim of his death, saying he was dead, became unwitting disinformation agents and helped tie back a discovery that could have positively affected their lives. Surely, we can't let this event be forgotten.


As an awakening community, it is imperative that we keep an open mind, which is another way of saying to recognize that our knowledge is limited, and we must always be open to changing our conclusions. We must take care to verify a theory or premise to the best of our ability, else we cause great harm to the freedom movement in general.


And we have each other to help us in this regard. Instead looking for an error in someone's thinking as a way to publically berate them, offer it up with compassion. If we can look at truth-seeking as a group activity—where I have your back and you have mine—then we'll make much more progress than a rabble of individuals running in every direction. The controllers of this world are highly organized and coordinated, using think tanks and alliances to maximize their individual potentials. Perhaps we should consider doing the same.


From <http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2016/08/Discernment-Case-Study-The-Awakening-Community-was-Deceived-This-Man-Cracked-Teslas-Secrets-so-the-Internet-Had-Him-Killed.html>

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