GTFU, OPPs: #garliclooshe


I'm just going to leave this here.


OPPs* live and work and play amongst us. They have been here forever. I encounter them all the time. There is a person who comes into the bar where I sometimes meet my hubby for an after work beer. I see him, he sees me. We smile - we both know the other knows - and we enjoy the social hour. He has a beer and a couple of smokes and leaves. I cross paths with OPPs all over the place, the grocery, other stores, hell a few may be my neighboors. I met one in my grandson's school parking lot picking up his kids!

You may get all up in arms as to the whys and the wherefores, but I don't. They are here. And except for the people who think war is an industry and will use any and all means available to convince us of that, including us being alien food, (#garliclooshe) EVERYBODY ELSE ON & IN THE PLANET IS PRETTY NORMAL!

In fact, our obtuse inability to even consider that people from off planet may be here and living amongst us is a major block to our entrance into the type of world we are all dreaming about. WAKE UP!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES JUST A CRACK!!! You will be so amazed! Gobsmacked! The truth is here in plain sight for all to see if they just knew what they were looking at!

Its NOT rocket science, people! It is the ability to consider in your mind that this just might be true. We 'think' we have open minds, when in reality that thought lies with in the box of 'out there, not here and now'. But it is here and now. And that one supposition is what keeps us from seeing what is really going on. How nicely we have been trained….

Because of this box that we willingly - albeit unknowingly - stay in, we remain ignorant of even the merest hint of what is really going on, and because of that we are hurting ourselves. Proving to the rest of the greater society of beings that we really are stupid enough to get the wool pulled over our eyes. That is how the industrial-war-machine keeps going. Like the Borg, they would strip us of all resources both material and biological till nothing is left and then move on. IMO, if we let them, subserviently believing what we are told to believe, we deserve it.

I am extraordinarily tired, frustrated and worn out in this war that has no business being a war. I want to stamp my foot and scream 'WTFU'!!!!! But, there is nothing like selective awareness, and it’s the thing we do best right now. Deny, Deny, Deny, and the IWM (industrial war machine) keeps helping us while laughing like the maniacs they are, all the way to the bank.

I have finally hit the point where this has become all way too obvious for me. I am not sure what to DO about it yet, but I am going to think of something. I implore each of you to take off the blinders and just look around you. Its all there, out in the open for you to see. If you do, I promise you will begin to notice….

Its all there, just waiting for you to see

*Off Planet People

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