Holding the Space for Transformation to Occur


One of the hardest things to do is let go of an outcome on something you are trying very hard to help happen. Most healers know this. We can offer energetic stability so the body has a chance to reorganize and heal its self, we can offer extra energy, but it is the body, ultimately, that will use that energy and stability to effect the change. We can Hold the Space in our hearts for that change, but once we buy into an outcome that we want to see, we are no longer creating the momentum needed for that change to take place.


Holding the space in your heart for change to happen, creating that room in your innerverse, on a personal level for a change you are trying to effect in the outerverse is no easy task.


Late Middle English: from Old French univers or Latin universum, neuter of universus ‘combined into one, whole,’ from uni- ‘one’ + versus ‘turned’ (past participle of vertere to turn)


So, inner -

mental or spiritual. "a test of inner strength"

synonyms: mental, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, emotional

"one's inner life"


and outer


:  existing independent of mind :  objective


a :  situated farther out <the outer limits>

b :  being away from a center

c :  situated or belonging on the outside


plus verse would be the inner and outer turnings. Which when you apply 'uni' to it, makes it whole. Do not forget that 'verse' means to turn…. In otherwords, to move, to change perspective to evolve by revolving.


So when you hold the space you are actively engaging the universe to create a variation of the current timeline reality you are in. When you engage the universe you connect to the vast source of all life and whether you know it or are aware of it or not, your thoughts/intents manifest. This is free will in action.

When you are working as a group to effect change, say in a group meditation, or a group manifestation, the closer the group can come to an accord, the more powerful the effect. The more beneficial and freeing the intent and less controlling, the more change can occur.

As I have written about this before, some of us know that the group intent - the consensus of the people - is being used against us to manifest an outcome that nobody on the planet would want, if they only knew about it. Those of us that have a clue find it hard to believe such small pinched spirits could muster that amount of power. But they can. They will. They know how. The few, controlling the many.

The events of the last month are simply their clarion call to our emotional subconscious to create and give them the power they need to keep their negativity going. They USE the energy of our responses to things like 911 and the Paris 911, the strange lights, or shall we say faux missile tests to rev up a lot of speculation and then turn that into negative conclusions which whips us all up into a frenzy. This disorganized mass of swirling emotion is then focused by them to feed the egregore they have created to facilitate the timeline they wish to manifest. Granted, it takes a planet of people to accomplish this, and they have managed to get us all to contribute.

Whereas, studies have shown that a large group meditation can thwart even their best efforts.

A Study done by the Global Consciousness Project (http://global-mind.org/events/mecca.crane.html) has shown pretty conclusive results along these lines.

When human consciousness becomes coherent, the behavior of random systems may change. Random number generators (RNGs) based on quantum tunneling produce completely unpredictable sequences of zeroes and ones. But when a great event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people, our network of RNGs becomes subtly structured. We calculate one in a trillion odds that the effect is due to chance. The evidence suggests an emerging noosphere or the unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures.

From <http://global-mind.org/index.html>

They present hard-core scientific empirical evidence that there IS a global consciousness and that this consciousness can and does have an effect on world events and also responds to world events from data over a course of 15 years. So it behooves US to learn how to hold the space for the best vision of a peaceful world in all of its intricate beauty to begin to form and take hold so that it seeps into the hearts and minds of the otherwise mass of asleep peoples in the world. The stronger we can make this vision with the people we have working on it, the easier it will become. That is because of the hundredth monkey effect - the morphogenetic resonance that takes place when enough people have enough information or vision to break through the tipping point.


I am a grass roots type of person, I intrinsically understand that change - especially great change must be birthed in the hearts of mankind and flower out into the mind - that it must be individual, and yet a core point of light within every heart that gets ignited. To do this it must be built into the energetic DNA of the species, by becoming an archetype - an idea structure that organizes the energies around it in a way that the birth of this ideal emerges from the collective unconscious of humanity its self.

This is possible and has been done since the beginnings of current time by those who would control us and keep us enslaved. Therefor, 180 degrees the other way, so too can we create a positive vision of life on this earth and imbue it with the soul energy to survive and flower.


I entreat you - I plead with you that we all find the time every day to center for a few minutes on the lovely idea of a peaceful and flourishing world.


It will help, more than you know.

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