I know you are here.


I know you are here. I would love to talk to you.

I was born knowing you were here - I've waited all my life to sit across a table and drink some coffee and just simply be in the presence of someone off world... If ever you want to just sit and talk about nothing important; not EXO politics, not World policy, not the State of Affairs, but just about maybe our families and dogs and pets (do you have pets?) and my house and your house and the plants in the gardens where you live and here (do your plants talk to you?)… If you would like to have a normal conversation come by for coffee, I'll probably try and feed you too.

If we met out in public, we could use code words like: Coffee. I could ask you if you would like a cup on me, or vice versa. Or, you could show up at my door, or inside my house…

I would love to talk about families, about love, about social structure, about how you made it. If you can manifest in 3D you have an open invitation to sit at my family hub, my table and have coffee and conversation. If you can't be 3D come anyway, we'll work it out.

I know that everybody is all about actual nuts and bolts sightings, But I have known you were here all my life. I have heard some of you talking to me telepathically. I have felt your presence. Some of you are delightful, most of you are, some of you are not. You are as varied as one would expect you to be coming from millions of different races amongst the stars.

I have never called you out to come visit visibly because I have always lived in an urban area. That would be asking too much, I would not endanger you and you would not put yourselves in that position either. But there have been a couple of times that you have, after the airport closes, in the early morning, given me the gift of showing up, always with a wink and a sense of laughter and good humor - like "Here you go!" For that I am tickled and thankful - but you know that. On the way home, I was told to look for you. I was driving, it was broad daylight there was a hill up ahead, out on that road somewhere between Colorado and Kansas so it looked like the world stopped at that edge. I looked up very quickly because I got an impulse to do so, and you shot up between the lanes in that space that looked like the edge of the world and blinked three time while going straight up, and then you vanished! I would have dismissed it, but I got that love feeling of gentle laughter and a sort of 'Did you see us?' in my mind, that same joy I have felt before. I am saying publicly, THANK YOU!

Some of you walk amongst us. I have met you - even shaken hands and shared a cigarette. https://alsionsbells.wordpress.com/2014/10/09/a-fine-sense-of-distraction/ And yes, there is always a smile, and an 'I know that you know that I know' thing going on in my mind - and just enough distraction to make it impossible to actually address/speak about what is going on. Probably on purpose and probably with in some sort of etiquette rules and free will principles that cannot be gone against. I have been aware that unless I can really, in my heart, say I want face to face contact, that I will not have it - at least with the people I would very much like to meet.

You guys were all over CITD this year. Kolo got his wish. He sat in Fader Camp and just watched. As you walked by he felt impelled to look up. He said you smiled, and he did that 'I know that you know that I know' thing. You even visited Fader Haus. Thank you, truly for being present with us. Not only in the skies, but boots on the ground. There were some of us who noticed. 🙂

This is where it is at for me. I know you are here. I have wanted to meet you since I was little. I have had questions… so many questions...

And you have an open invitation from me.

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