I’d volunteer or, ‘Ignoring The Pink Elephant In The Living Room


All I could think last night and this morning while listening to Dr. Michael Salla on Fade to Black, was that I would volunteer for these programs. Straight up. I've known since I was a kid that there were 'aliens'. Even when I didn't know it. The first time I actually encountered the idea a bolt of energy charged through my system and made all the fine hairs on my body stand up - YES!!!! was my only thought. And on the heels of that thought was "I want more!"

I began my whole story with a first contact at 5 or 6 years old in my head - telepathy. Then my dad had a friend who when he heard I was interested in 'flying saucers' (because in those days they weren't called UFO's) he very sweetly got me a membership to NICAP and I got mailed straight to my house their monthly publications. He was also the one who took me to the premier of 2001 in Chicago when it came out. By then I had found George Adamski, Howard Menger, George Van Tassel, Gray Barker, Lobsang Rampa, which lead me to the Theosophical Society, the white brotherhood, and then there was the day Star Trek came out and I saw my first Vulcan. They made Spock the perfect alien, everything the '60's contact crowd said an alien should be. I wanted to meet a Vulcan with all my heart - even if they weren't real. I NEVER missed an episode. When I had my tonsils out in 6th grade we even made sure that I was awake for the weekly Thursday episode (bless my mom's heart). By that time I had already run into information like the atomic clock - the one that shows how many minutes we were to midnight and nuclear destruction and had run head on into all of the end-of-the-world scenarios, fully rejected them and vowed to make sure that didn't happen. I had had a couple of interesting telepathic experiences and had no idea what-so-ever about negative ET's. I was still convinced they were all like the guys (Adamski et al) said they were. From childhood though, I had had the meanies in the closet, the 'presence' that could not be seen but only felt, and all sorts of nasties in my night life, but I had chalked those up to 'ghosts' because I could never see them, only feel them. (maybe its time for a re-think...) I was always thinking about it and the saucer people. One day a couple of months after my tonsils were out, while I was sitting outside I threw my mind way up into the sky and practically shouted "Hello!!!" in my head - but up there. When something turned and looked at me - heard me and it was simultaneously surprised, annoyed and curious. I have never run back inside the house so fast in all my life! And then I spent quite a few days trying to mentally hide… But to say I was completely absorbed about flying saucers and the saucer people, would be a vast understatement.

I think it was interesting to find out last night that Solar Warden manufactured it's ships in the Wasatch Mountains. The Mormons have their huge repository vaults on the way up to Alta in the Wasatch Canyon. I used to pass it all the time on the way up to ski. My dad took us there every year from '65 to '69. and I worked for a season up there just so I could be a ski bum in '74. It was a different sort of place. It was safe and yet open to the stars. That was one of the best times in my life, even if the little town of Alta got wrecked by an avalanche exactly to the day it had 100 years previously. I can definitely see that those mountains would be an excellent place to build ships.

Where I am leading to with all this reminiscing is that, in all that time, if someone had told me I could go in space, I would have volunteered in a flat second!! I am sure a lot of people would. Here we are wondering if the world could bear learning that we are not alone - when we all KNOW in the back of our minds that we KNOW we are not. Government disclosure be dashed! We don't need Gov't disclosure - we already KNOW, and besides, we also KNOW:


All of us are disclosure. We already know. We just need to agree to stop playing the insane game the gov't has set up for us called 'Ignoring The Pink Elephant In The Living Room'.

p.s. if I was young enough, knowing what I know now, I would bug people till they gave in out of sheer need to escape my incessant mental barrage from asking…

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