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I published this almost a year ago - since then many of us have had a taste of this - so this information may make more sense now. Consider the Mandela effect...

If time , in reality, is not linear thereby making it not time because time IS linear, then what exactly is it that we are experiencing in a linear fashion, that propels the seasons and ages our bodies and creates entropy and, and, and? In some religious texts and in some quantum theories, all time is/was happening in the now. Every moment has happened, is happening and will happen in the blink of an eye, now, in no time. In flash, in a blink, in an endless moment.

This would make the possibility of knowing everything and answering every question possible simply by turning your eyeballs back in your head and looking. It should also be possible to access any moment along your timeline and not only look at what is happening/happened, but to also interact with it in an eerie, quantumly entangled manner. Like going back to an event, say in your past, that was particularly difficult, and not only re-minding yourself of it, but sending emotional support or energy back (?) to that self and helping it. Have ever wondered how you got through something, thinking back on it? Hum?

Have you also looked back at those momentous turning points in your life and wondered how it would have gone if you had made a different decision? Well, maybe you did. Quantum theory posits that you have an infinite stream of lives all playing out every different permutation of your 'choosing' moments. It kind of looks like a fractal tree, and as you progress your tree grows bigger. Which brings us back around to the no time thing…. Meaning that that tree already exists in all it full grown glory, now.

How you ever awakened in the morning to feel that something was different, if you could just put your finger on it? Kind of like sitting having your morning coffee and reading the newspaper to find that someone died that you could swear you remember dying months to years before? Or, You notice very subtle differences in the people you associate with on a daily basis? Never anything so overt that it smacks you in the face, but just odd enough that it has you wondering about your sanity. What if, while you were sleeping you moved over a couple of branches in that fractal tree you are living in to absorb a learning, or tweak your conscious experience just a bit? This happens a lot to us but we don't notice all too often.

Consider, that the 'moments' that we have, the learnings we accomplish, the moments of high emotional content are focal points of remembrance and road maps to the development of our understanding of who we are and that without them, we would simply be the same as a computer, a jumble of data. And what gives us our humanness and our ability to quantize time into little bits and make it stand out to us, IS our emotional responsiveness. Emotions are what make reality and our experiences important, things to remember and learn from, to choose between. If we actually were able to digest time in one gulp, the game, the learnings, would be over, said and done.

I think we divide existence/reality up into bits and bites so we can savor and feel each one, and thus garner wisdom by experience and thereby grow as pieces of the universe. By living in time and experiencing it, our universal logos grows and expands as we do. The choosings we make out of previous life experiences are what grow our beingness, our awareness. And if I understand it correctly, we are like limbs of the cosmic being trying to re-member ourselves.

I suppose the point of this rambling is that, this cosmic body we all live in is far stranger, far weirder than any of us can fully fathom, but those of us on the awakening path right now are going to have far more fun with this notion shortly, because these little niggles in the so called 'fabric' of reality are just the beginning signs of it. So those of you who have an unusually high tolerance to high strangeness, hold on to your hats, its gonna get fun.

are we noticing yet???

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