If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


When did disclosure become a three ring circus? And, why?

What's the old adage: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em? Yeah, well, that is IMO, exactly what has happened, but not in the way 'they' think. I've just been watching and reading and listening to all the falderal going on and waiting for everybody to catch on to the game and settle down. Luckily, the good guys one-upped the game and just blasted out a whole LOT of confirmed proof and new information, and they did it on mainstream media and television. Take that.

Information that 3 or 4 years ago we considered so off the wall and secret that we assumed it would never get out - just got out! Bravo. Because that leads the way to the hard core wasp's nest being found and literally put out in the sun to die from the light. (consider each cell of the nest an interlocking piece of the big picture) IMO, it can't happen fast enough.

As to the three ring circus, Make some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to enjoy the show, it's gonna get surreal, loud and garish. Remember, outside of the tent walls there is the real world and a whole different perspective on this earth, the solar system and all its inhabitants. We have only seen the circus of the surreal - inside the tent - in the focused attention of the rings that is somebody's else's nice little story and not much of it, really - just the parts they want us to concentrate on…

When the show is over, and the tent walls come down by the focused intent of good people looking for all the answers, and when the rings disintegrate in the light of day and we all see the real story, life is going to get really busy, and interesting. Be ready. Know yourself, know what pushes your buttons, know your internal ethic and what ideas and principles you must live by to be whole and complete, and know WHO YOU ARE! What they cannot do ever, unless you let them, is tell you what and who you are on the inside. So, that must become the barometer you use to really understand the exterior circus.

There are people working tirelessly to get the knowledge out. They are risking their lives, livelihoods and families, jobs and their entire world, to set things right again. We are in a crisis. We are at this very moment teetering on Occam's Razor so precariously that a thought will tip us one way or the other - a mere teeny-tiny thought. That is how close we are. I have seen literal miracles in my life in the last month. Things that rationally should not have happened, but did, that have changed the course of lives. These things show me by the fact that they happened that we are so close to stepping into a really beautiful future. Concurrent with these miracles are the marvelous disclosures that are taking place from all ends of our conspiracy world, by brave beings willing to stand up and say what they know. By brilliant proof and by first person testimony, by so much information of the right type in the right place and the right time that it can't be misconstrued because it's like a domino fall - once one goes they all go and there is no stopping it.

I'm not quite sure how it's going to play out, but I have my popcorn ready and my work boots on.

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