IMO: The feminine Hero’s Journey


In one respect, I was right - if you compare the RV analysis of last night's Fade to Black show (August 1st) with what I said on the June 23rd fader night… They were stuck here - stranded… What I couldn't conceive of was that they were in a type of prison - an exile from their people on purpose. That horrendous things were done to them, I caught the resonances of desperation - and of course I chalked it up to being stranded - not imprisoned, because that kind of brutality would never occur to my mind.

I still want to think around the delivery of her baby - that maybe the baby was delivered C-section and was unable to survive and they lost Maria during the operation, rather than her death occurring from some kind of ritualized torture. There is such an aura of desperation around her, for whatever reason. In a way her ghost - survives and is still trying to reach out to all that encounter this information. I do not think her immortal essence was lost - just the connection to the construct that was her body on this planet. She still is present around this situation - that is telling, that she never maybe reincarnated here in another body, or maybe she could not but her essence got trapped here, anyway, she is present. She was not destroyed - regardless of what the Troika RV project says. (imo…) Does 'Avatar' the movie come to mind for anybody?

Another theory is that there is enough of an emotional fingerprint left from the ritual torture (or emotional sequence of events) that the 'story' still stays resident in the electromagnetic field of the place (the ground) enough to be noticed, much like the fields at Gettysburg. This was the unwarranted murder of innocents. All of them. Murder on this planet has always occurred for far less a 'crime' - even for convenience. Her story, as it emerges is going to be an interesting platform for thought on morality and control systems and the lengths that the controllers will go to, to maintain that control - especially if the RV info comes to be more right than wrong.

This is the feminine archetypal version of the 'Hero's' journey. That of bringing new life - in this case the mingling of a species - to fruition and the ability to reach out to another with love, the ability to see the unique as beautiful and worthwhile instead of frightening. Women are gifted this way. Further, it seems the dictate of this planet is recombination. Gaia seems to be able to support a huge diversity, to even call to that type of diversity, attract it and be the womb that it can gestate in to fruition.

That these beings were slaughtered because the experience of having a body on this planet creates an overwhelming urge to reproduce and create new forms of life that is almost impossible to overcome - even to advanced beings. It is a theme that if you follow it has been standard for this place, this earth, (Nephilim et al) and because the patriarchal thinking cannot wrap its mind around this, brutality ensues. Forever it has been so. The feminine principle creates and loves, then the masculine principle goes in and tears it all asunder. Hopefully this new turning will see the divine marriage bring balance and a new level of experience and thinking.

I cannot seem to get the emotional resonance of Maria out of my heart and mind. Her abandonment, her torture, the baby and her resolute decision: not to continue. Yes she decided. She decided after the baby died whether from a botched C-section or punishment. I would have too, especially in such a hostile environment.

…and of course this is all just IMO.

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