IMO (yep another one…) or: If it was a snake it would have bit you!


How can we say that one set of experiences are true and another set of experiences are false? Unless we were there how do we really know? We have been taught to judge by criterion that are false in the first place. A set of criterion that were designed to call into question and disavow anything that could move our recognition of reality out of the box it has been put in.

I will just say that earth has been and is visited all the time by people who were not born here. Much the same way that we travel the earth for our various purposes on air planes. There are travelers of all sorts here. Ones we can see and would never know are not indigenous to the planet and ones we can't see that could be standing right beside us. Ones that have bodies as we know them and ones that don't, but that isn't the point. The point is that we obstinately refuse to actually see what is in front of our noses. The great reveal - of day of disclosure won't be when 'they ' land on the white house lawn, it will be when we open our eyes and realize that 'they' and all their millions of various forms have been right here beside us all along.

How else better to stay safe than to either blend in, or be unseen? The day we are ready to open our collective eyes is the day we will know. The day we can break the collective hypnotic programming over us is the day we will all realize we are all already there. It will also be the day we will understand that we have been invaded and the reason we don't know it is because of that programming. At that point all of the friendlies that have waited for us to wake up can actually help us.

IMO we are very close to doing this. Look closely at all whom you meet and interact with. You might be mightily and happily surprised.

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