IMO: yep, here it comes, another one. (warning – bad language)


This is how my ass was kicked to the curb last night. Am since well slept and well recovered. I am wondering if I was not hit with some form of mind control last night as it was searingly emotional and very unlike me. I read Corey Goode Intel Update Part 2  August 2016,  and the realization hit that we are on the brink of abject failure in this - and the cost will be so dear if we fail!  I was talking to a friend with a compassionate ear last night, who, just let me rant. The below is raw, but here it is anyway.

This brings up such emotions of anger desperation, wanting to cry, wanting force this to happen in the most positive mode now, (and there is no way to 'force' anything - it would be as stupid as what is going on now: two wrongs do not make a right) and knowing we are so far behind the curve that there is very little that can be done.... This is the very core of my exhaustion and yet my hope... We just can't fuck this up yet one more time. I can't. I will be lost. And it is so iffy - the miracle need for this is so immense.... What a damned mess!

And I can't just walk away. No one can This has been STUPID FUCKING EONS of time!!!! We need to END the damned thing!!!!! And I wonder if this has been stated this way just to make us wake up and move. But the weight I feel is so ancient I know it is true. I am screaming in my soul! Damnit There is NO time left. This isn't the final second… it's the final nanosecond.

And I knew it was going to come down to this. The ancient of ancient battles may be lost and my heart is tearing apart.

We are fucked. Basically. This will not end well. My heart breaks. I am blessing everything in sight for the beauty it has held.

I am pretty sure he did not see it in his words or would not have published it. We as a planet are a mess. We will not make ascension - and we will have to lose this lovely place. I have no words for how sacred Gaia is to me - what it means, how I love her creatures. The time is now, and those of us who are trying are very late to the party. There are not enough of us to turn the tide. I am angry and desolate of spirit. I am just like everybody else I hate the truth especially when it means we have lost the fight. I apologize for dumping on you, it's not like you don't have enough on your plate. You and yours the only ones I knew who would understand. Take this and witness it. No need for other words, my friend. Peace and love to you and yours. My heart breaks for the whole planet.

We did this and then we slept. And we are still comatose.

It's about Gaia and all her cells, her lives, her ...everything!!! I suppose it is about me and what I wanted. I wanted her and everything to continue, heal and get better and all the dreams to come true. To be able to love all the creatures and ...just love them. It can't end. It just can't. I know energy doesn't but that's not what I mean. Damnit I'm messed up tonight and I am going to drink. Read that damned posting and tell me if you do not see the handwriting on the fucking wall. Good night. I'm not fit for consumption, human or otherwise tonight. Peace.

One can only hope that the below is true, and that the majority of these consciousnesses have a positive impact giving us the push we need. (a little hope?)

I was not shocked to hear that there were energetic, cosmological and mass-consciousness components to what was occurring in our solar system. However, I was surprised to discover how much our mass consciousness was influencing this reality. Tear-Eir then communicated that every last human on the planet was an important contributor in this process, none being more important or special than another. It was a message of Oneness – the central premise of the Law of One series.

“He” further communicated that the consciousness of other beings – now trapped in our solar system – were also contributing to the process. Tear-Eir then communicated that the increased energetic waves were causing behavioral changes on Earth, as well as on various bases and vessels that resided within our star system. This also was interfering with the “behavioral modification” grid that has influenced the thoughts and behavior of people on this planet for many thousands of years. As a result, this grid had to be turned up to its maximum power level to have the desired effects on the population, which I was told would also increase its side effects. From <>

And could this be what happened to me last night? Or, could it have been what the astrologer said about Mars and Saturn out of retrograde or both? Either way it was very strong.

The energetic changes and increased power to the mind control grid were causing people to begin to behave erratically, and become apathetic and ineffective. I had noticed this effect on both myself and those operating around me in recent months.

Tear-Eir then stated that we had reached the point of an increased merging of “temporal realities” that would continue exponentially as the energy emanating from our star increased.

And as you read further on in the article you understand that just like children hiding from the switch that will hit their behind for bad behavior, nobody can come to terms with what should happen next. And while they dicker about the tiny shit, this wave of change is bearing down on us literally with light speed and we ARE TOTALLY UNPREPARED! Can anyone say cluster-fuck???

I know my language in this piece is quite uncivilized, but people, Damnit!!!! We are, from my vantage point, quite fucked. We have less than the instant of a thought to make a decision on this and we are stuck counting the grains of sand that are going to be pounded you know where!

I don't know about you all, but I love this place, this Gaia, her many lives that make her who she is - the trees and animals, the water and air, her fire, all who reside on her and in her. The beauty laid out before my eyes daily overwhelms me. My dream is to heal her, to return the love and support that has patiently seen us countless times fall and regrow. It is now our turn to turn around and offer the same back to her. To make this place a true heaven on earth, to blend with her and help heal and create what has been her vision of a green-blue gem hanging in the vastness of space singing a song of impossible beauty and love to the universe.

Please help.

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