It doesn't even move me anymore, I am not surprised, I am not outraged, I simply expect it; that we are continuously lied to. As a matter of fact when that level of lying is going on, I have learned to expect far greater nastiness. It's there, it's lurking and were we to actually pull the scab off this wound, the dis-ease underneath it ….well. Imagine for yourselves.


As the guest on Wednesday, one Robert W. Sullivan IV illustrated, somebody has gone to great lengths to make sure we are completely manipulated, hypnotized and put in our place along with the rest of the pond scum on the earth. Our interference will NOT be tolerated in their bigger, better game. So, did I react when hearing the 'bomb' news? Only to wonder what it really was, because I really do believe that we will not be allowed to tear up this planet, or the space time around it because of its importance in the galactic super highway.


Peter Levenda, on Tuesday, gave us an incredible run down of the whole picture - point by point with VALIDATABLE RESEARCH !!!!! It wasn't some personal opinion commentary like this piece, no, this was totally verifiable information in the public for 70 years. However, it is Peter's unique gift to put it together and connect the dots which makes it amazing. Do you want a reason for the data dumps to proceed???? Well, here it is.


And then, The two guys that have been able to enlighten us about the far greater picture going on, David Wilcock and Cory Goode, both had a strangle hold, I felt, on them - IMO. Which of course leads me to assume (I know it makes an ass out of you and me - so what? Lol) that there is currently a disruption in the Force (Luke). There are some very serious negotiations going on - some nasty last ditch attempts at a power grab and a whole lotta spin being hurriedly put on things.


So let me go out on a limb and say one more very IMO thing.


Cut the Crap. Cut to the chase. Get your proverbial asses in gear. No, cabal you have already lost, so give it up. Do it! Do it NOW!!! WE and this planet can NOT afford to fuck around any longer. WE are here, up against the wall, outta time, and in my world totally out of patience!



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