In a hundred years…


Imagine if you will, a planetary society so completely blind to everything real, that they all live within a false paradigm and are totally unaware of it. They were invaded back before memory could track the invasion, so subtly that they didn't even know it. Further, these people were so suggestible that the invasion created a false new way of looking at things and trained them in it. Also imagine that through their short history of intelligence there have been those few who have noticed…something. It was decided that the few who did notice needed a better, bigger game to play before they totally woke up.

There was your power group - they were easy to control

There was your lazy group - they were even easier to control

There was your creative group - artists only want to be left alone

There was your spiritual group - easy because of their very limited viewpoints (navel gazing)

And, then there was your independent sorts - the dangerous ones, who of any group, were most likely to find out because the system pinched their sense of freedom.

This takeover plan was for the use of the planet and its resources, one of which were its people. The reason the planet was necessary was because it was a way station in the larger plan of the regime. This larger plan involved the domination of a much larger area than just the regional solar system. It involved star clusters and eventually whole galaxies.

Now, imagine a life form so old and vast that it remembered the creation of this universe, trolling with in its vast borders for food, that food being life force energy. It would need minions, wouldn't it? This ancient life was different than organic life. It ate organic life force. It's minions were taken over the same way the planetary society was. Without even a ripple of notice. Very slowly as the minions developed technology it was used to replace life force energy in those minions. And it was they, this ancient intelligence sent out to cultivate new food sources. Which, very efficiently, they did.

There on the planet, the independents were stirring. So it was time to give them an new story, a real tail chaser. One that would keep them busy until it was too late to do anything about it. The Minions plan would be complete in about 100 years, and then the planet would be sucked dry of every resource and drop of life it had, at which point it would be abandoned, a lifeless husk. No one would survive - not even the helpers the minions had cultivated to get their work done, even though they had been promised everything they wanted for their treachery and greed. It was just the nature of this planet to make it very easy to be taken over and used. The planet its self was lush and green and kept the life forms well supported and well fed. It was then decided that there should be several world rounds of life forms cultivated on this planet, and every time the populace was about to discover the invaders, that they would then destroy the civilization and all its records and begin anew, using the planet's remarkable recovery ability to rebuild the populace. In this way they could keep a renewable food source, build a base of operations and use it as a power structure to triple their acquirement of other worlds.

Secretly and perhaps without knowing it would help, the independents of each world round had left markers of the tale of the destruction, like a series of hidden maps containing dire warnings about their own future, in hopes the next generation would wake up soon enough to thwart the coming destruction. So far it had not worked. Six separate times the planet and its life had been brought to its knees. This time around there were no less than a whole planet full of stories about this, all there for people to learn from, in rock, in writings hidden away to be discovered, in oral traditions, in dance and music, in every way a being could remember and every time the progromme took over with ease and blinded the people of the planet.

But this time around there were many more independents who were studying and putting facts together, even though they were highly discouraged to do so. The problem was that the servants of the minions on the planet had finally gotten too greedy and angered the oppressed people and they were ready to rise up. So it was decided that a much more convoluted game was needed for those independents, one that would keep them very busy chasing their tails. It would use layers of deception and lies to create an inimitable rabbit hole warren that there would be no way out of. They would convince some people of some things and other people of other things and they would do this so effectively that nobody would be able to believe anybody and all of them would be clamoring that they had the only real story on the matter. Then they would get everybody's ego's involved (ego being a trained and taught perception of the world they created for control purposes) and besides making it impossible to agree, it would make it more important for them to stand out the most in the crowd, than figure out the puzzle or help the race survive and take down the controllers. and.....AND They made sure the story that contained them in it was laughed at the most.

After all the plan would be complete in a blink of the eye to them -

what's a hundred years?

And these on the planet were so very easy to fool….

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