This season from Thanksgiving through now till four days before this new year, has been a struggle for us to assimilate / integrate information energetically and mentally coming to us. Integration is a key word here. In essence we need to ground this charge of informational energy through our bodies.



expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else. (in this instance the movement of charge into our physicality)


the visible shape or configuration of something. (our form - the body)


(forming nouns) denoting an action or an instance of it. (the action the top two create)  From <>

- In other words, the embodiment of that energetic information - to bring it in to our minds and psyche and integrate it in our bodies. Recently, due to overload, it seems to me that it is either getting stuck in the physical, or the emotional components of our system.

It is well known that the body has its own intelligence. That those millions of cells and systems, subsystems, bacteria and viruses all work in concert to create the walking, talking, living you. This intelligence can also get confused and need to integrate all the 'new' things that you are currently immersed in from energy to information of all types. (Just as we are the millions of tiny cells and subsystems of Gaia's body - we are processing for her too - she is having her problems - weather and quakes in response to the sun's energy.) Every time you put anything into your system, by watching, reading, learning, experience, you are changing your vibrational frequency. Some of the information coming into the earth realm at this time is quite new - and most of us are not even aware that we are processing it. But, the body is. That is what the ascension symptoms are all about. When you work to ground that energy through your body by moving, dancing, doing anything physical that gives the body a chance to "move" that new information/energy through its systems, it allows for it to be integrated into your entire system from your body all the way up into the higher self... (think chakras as information systems in this analogy)

Have you ever just, for no reason, realized that you know something new, but you're not quite sure how you know it? This is when information integrates into the energetic systems of your body. Vice versa, when you have a ton of new information coming in like now, with this new wave of energy that started around Thanksgiving and has been accelerating since, our bodies may have an extremely hard time integrating it.

We can know a thing in our heads, but to really know a thing it needs to be actualized in the body. ( you can have the taste of chocolate described to you, but until you actually eat chocolate, you only have an approximation of the experience in your head) Usually this happens with an experience, but it can be that the information comes so fast, that it needs to be very consciously moved through the body with dance, rhythm, or movement. When we are hurt physically or emotionally it is common to rock back and forth to allow the energy of pain a way through the physical. We do this without even thinking about it.

When we receive informational downloads there is also the possibility that the emotional reaction to that information can stop it before it gets into the physical because we reject it in some way. The body is one big symbol for ourselves and when we do not allow informational processing through the body it winds creating an energy blockage that over time will create physical pain.

This season is a simple precursor to what I think will only become an accelerating process. So, while it is good to sit in meditation for the mind and soul, the body needs to dance, the spine needs to wave and the feelings need to be released from the cell tissue by movement. This is why yoga and Tai Chi are known as meditation in movement.

So I guess this means have some fun, dance, process and move - just like the rest of the universe in it eternal rhythm.

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