In this Act of Love: We REMEMBER


…and we said, "Let us help."

To all of you who came to help this planet at this time, right now, who are walking in pain, and walking in doubt and feeling lost,

Be Not Troubled.

It has been said over and over, that we are here to help transform this planet, we wanderers. That Gaia herself put out a calling to us for help in this transformation. We answered. Yes, we were born stripped of our memories of our homes and the societies we came from, the great love we knew. Yes, we have felt the cognitive dissonance from what this world is to what we KNOW should be true.

We have fought the noble fight. We have, in our hearts remembered enough to know that once it was different, even though we can't figure out how we know it. We are confused because we do not remember that we came to help. We are confused because we do not remember that we came from places far more balanced and loving. We fight with ourselves against our natural reactions to this place - loving the planet and its lives, and yet hating what is happening right now.


That is why we are here. We REMEMBER. We bring that remembrance, that frequency to a place that has not known it for eons of time and has almost totally forgotten. We remember the places we came from - the way it should feel to be in a loving community of beings. We remember living in balance with our home planet. We remember...  Our hearts remember what it is to really love. Our souls remember what it is to really be one. We REMEMBER.


To call to that truth inherent in our hearts of a time when… That is the whole purpose of our being here.  To call to hearts and souls that remember - to call to the memory and bring it into this here and now - the memory of when it was better, the memory of our ancient homes of our loves and our lives. In doing this we resonate and radiate those higher frequencies here, now, in this place and help it manifest now.

In the calling we draw to us all energies that can answer and all beings that would, in service, help.

It is in this very remembering and calling that the change occurs on the planet and the frequency rises here. Yes it is painful to live in a place that is so barbaric (? - it only makes our call stronger) that we are in constant stress and dissonance with, but the very act of being in the dissonance causes us to remember and cast our thoughts out with our minds and hearts to touch what we remember as our homes - even if we do not know that we are doing exactly that, and it is helping to manifest it here, that is our purpose.

So let your tender hearts call to home, and let them remember as deeply as you can, and in this act of love, know that you really are making change in this here and now. You are helping Gaia with her birth into the next step of her evolution and all life upon and within her. Know that we all volunteered, because of all the people from where we came, we valued the love and beauty we knew the most and the thought of the pain going on here was unconscionable, and we said,

"Let us help."

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