TUESDAY NIGHT ON Fade to Black Jimmy's guests were:

Annie Jacobsen   and   Foster Gamble


These two people's information were a beautiful example of extreme sides of the same coin. One who's research has led to a totally incomprehensible picture of a possible future where people no longer exist, even if their soulless shells still walk the earth, and the other a picture of the same research and yet, a model of hope and action, a way through the endless rabbit warren of incongruence.

Carl Rogers introduced the concept of incongruence to psychology in the 1950s.

Sometimes people say things that are contradictory to their non-verbal communication cues. The body language or facial expression does not match the words. The result is poor communication that leaves the listener wondering what the individual didn't say and what he or she meant all along. When a person's words don't match what he or she is feeling or thinking, the communication is said to be incongruent.

Annie and Foster were both talking about the same thing, the system we are all enmeshed in. Even at the level of truth that we like to work in we are presented with more incongruencies than congruencies. I often wonder if it is not part of the game, and lately I am sure it is, a very important part of it; to keep us divided and confused, the very same way a psychopathic manipulative personality would, to maintain total control over his victim.

I sometimes wonder if this psychopathic overlay on mother earth, Gaia, is ever going to be healed in any manner short of complete annihilation. I would hate to think this is possible, but just like you use heat to remove a tick, or fire to remove a leach, or cloves to remove intestinal parasites, you try to get rid of the offender before you end up dying from them. So maybe it's not just us sending out a clarion call for help, but Gaia too. Maybe the WaveX is a response to her call for help from the galactic body she lives in. Maybe the interaction between the earth and sun that is weakening our magnetic shield and thus allowing cosmic rays to penetrate the earth's atmosphere is a response to that call, like x-rays used to kill cancer cells.

The psychopathic element on earth has become so overriding and powerful that it almost seems schizophrenic - like an overlay personality, like an etheric parasite, and (in more classical terms) daemon possession. All life on this planet equivocates to the cells of Gaia's body. Her bones - the ground we live on are heaving and moving, her blood stream - our water - is valiantly trying to purify its self, and her tissues - the vegetable realm - are fighting the cancers that are being created on her surface, and we her nervous system - her physical brain - are becoming aware of just how bad the infestation is. This realization should begin to show exponential spread as more of us talk about this. Once this reaches a critical mass - and we are ALMOST there - the problem will be faced and eliminated.

The psychopathic element is trying so very hard to muddy the understanding of the situation in hopes of staving off the cure - hiding like a retrovirus, but its dying gasps of air can be heard. Just like any cure we take, it's always worse before the tide turns. So if you pull back and look at mother Gaia as an entity right now she would appear possessed - like a split personality or an addict unable to stop using the poison that is killing them. Yes, there are two ways to look at this situation; both eloquently illustrated by the vast talents of the guests on Tuesday night. Because we are most powerful in our consensus, most creative when we come together and share and most effective when we reach an emotional sharing between us, it would behoove us to concentrate on the solutions as part of the cure. Magnify the good and practice it - just like humor helps the immune system, so we can finally tip the scale into the cascade of healing and wake up one morning to know that we did it!

I was stunned over this parallel when I saw it. Had to share…..

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