Independence Day 2: The next big thing (ET war)


(spoiler alert)

Last night in a huge theatre with maybe 20 people in the whole thing, with 3D glasses and the whole-shamol, I sat and watched the entire movie. Half way through I was nauseated and ready to go, now whether that was from the forced 3D or the fact that I sat too close, or there was some underlying subliminal programing, or all of the above, I'm not sure, but, I made my self watch.

independence day1True to form the big alien hive-mind squishy (with ectoplasmic goo included) squid looking ET was a merciless foe, and the new and improved ship, power and size were mind bending, but really, it was the same old same old. At least this time there seemed to be far more tolerance for the crazies that actually knew what was going on - as if they were saying that extreme weirdness is now acceptable in the mainstream. Who Knew???

Ah yes, as Reagan had visionarily posited, Earth had had a whole 20 years of planetary peace (after the first attack in Independence Day), and had come back from literal, total destruction and had back engineered the ET tech - but without really understanding it… and on and on…So mankind is once again decimated to the point where the moral question of the total annihilation of another species is not even considered - except to kill 'em all!

When: Enter The Alien AI Super Being!

independence day2In a Super white Sphere with a Super nice feminine Voice, who is running from the same, super slimy, hive-mindy, squid-looking ET race. SHE is out looking for other races that SHE can augment and turn into a police force for the rest of the Universe to wipe out the 'bad' ETs. SHE came to help us and take some of us to her 'school-planet' so that we could learn to defeat them, but now the slimy hive queen has somehow recognized she was here on the planet and - well of course we just have to save her too. (because we are so naturally ingenious….right) I suppose we owe her that after originally trying to destroy her too.

Well here is the thing, the dis info…

Although the squishy ET bad guys did open a worm hole to get here, the science behind what they showed was all wrong. And for a ship to have that kind of mass and size the gravity would have to be counter balanced with that of earth - it would not come screaming-burning into our atmosphere like a freaking comet. Bad science there. Any technology that used a worm hole would have no use for a molten core of any planet - and would not have chosen an inhabited one when they could have secretly grabbed the one in Venus, say…independanceday4

So the purpose of all the shitty science here?

It was to set up the idea in our minds that:


  • The very earth is at risk from forces beyond our control.
  • To keep us always looking to gravity as the answer for propulsion and keep our eyes off zero point tech.
  • To set up artificial intelligence as a hero - not an enemy.
  • To once again glorify in US minds our role as police - forever and ever until the end.
  • With that in mind, we need a good space defense fleet to be built, just in case…

Further, any alien race looking to invade this planet without destroying it beyond usability would do so just as it is being done, over a course of thousands of years by adapting the indigenous life with genetic manipulation and life style controls that were so integrated and underhanded that nobody would ever notice and then by indoctrinating every one so they would never think to look.

Ta Dah!

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