Is It Any Wonder?



Is it any wonder that we can posit an entire world of other beings that live on and share this sphere of activity with us and yet we cannot perceive them? As long as there have been records, both oral and written, they have talked about the hidden side of life. All of the great mystery traditions and all of the folk lore speak of another world entwined and enmeshed with this one. And for as long as that knowledge has been with us, it has been made evil, scary and forbidden.


But Why???


By a process of logic, if you pretend/presume the old information is true and the newer information we have is true (although not proven by the current academia and forbidden for reasons unknown - ahem), then; wouldn't all these beings that are currently in this sphere of activity whether we can see them or not, be just like us in their level of learning? After all, this IS 3rd density. butwhy4Not all of us are good - some few of us are wondrous, and not all of us are bad - but some few of us are really bad; because this is 3rd density vibration and they are here with us, wouldn't it make sense that they are learning the same lessons we are about karma and living? And therefore, they would have the whole spectrum of our motivations and feelings and act in the same foolish manner that we do???? Also, since for a millennia the only people who have ever considered thinking this way (about the unseen) have been labeled fringe, might those who we have 'contact' with also be the fringers? And if we have our very bad contingent that never listened to the programming the rest of us did and know these others exist and utilize them for their own nefarious purposes, conversely, wouldn't these other beings be doing the same - after all this is 3rd density????


Thusly, not every being that we happen to contact will ever be all good, or all bad; but will run the spectrum, just like we do. The problem with opening the doorway to contact is that we have lost all ability and training and innateness where our extra-consciousness is concerned. (see how I have to talk about it as if it were not part of ourselves and call it 'extra' just so you will understand my meaning?) butwhy2We have been trained for as long as there has been any record in this world round to hate and fear an entire portion of our selves, and IMHO that portion is the greater part of who we are. It is like we have been all been mandated to be born blind by suggestion. Like we have all been trained to be in a great addiction and use denial as our weapon against the reality of our wholeness, like we are ALL mentally ill in some way.


butwhy6As whole beings isn't the point to be able to move up and down in vibration/frequency as we so choose and experience life? Very similar to our emotional experience? Maybe - emotion is the key factor here too? Maybe it is the closest thing we have as a corollary to a vibrational state to understand how this works? If the Term 'Loosh" is only a synonym, for emotional state and emotions are ENERGY IN MOVEMENT….??






Are we not back to "What do you choose?" And once again we are confronted with learning to watch our thoughts and our emotional states - not to alter them but to LEARN from them, to see what happens when we think/feel them - WHAT FOLLOWS - what we have inadvertently created and made real.



With that said, 'Is It Any Wonder' that we are where we are????

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  1. “If the Term ‘Loosh” is only a synonym, for emotional state and emotions are ENERGY IN MOVEMENT….??” Alison, would you like our conversation to continue here?

    You ask a very reasonable question. To share our understanding of a term you use to describe a type of ’emotional vampirism,’ a kind of ‘energy predation’ that as a subject, you understand and describe as ‘loosch.’ This is an interesting question. You mentioned the issue of ‘prose’ to Michael for lack of a better reference term. I understand your point. He does it to me as well. Perhaps the best way to get around the precision of his/our thoughts is to simply consider any ideas he or I may share with you knowing as you do, that we have complete confidence that you have the mind to explore them. We both know you have the heart. English is not our first language. So we sometimes struggle in the comparison of different symbols and the ideas they represent.

    It is a reasonable question to ask…. how the mind could ever have made such a thing as ‘loosch?’ It is perhaps the best question you could ask. There is, however, no point in giving an answer to you in terms of the past, however distant in it you wish to go; mostly because the past does not matter, and history itself would not exist if the same errors in human understanding were not being repeated in the present. Your question is a good example of what we understand abstract thought to be as it applies to knowledge that human beings are fond of concealing in emotion. To us, knowledge is completely impersonal and ‘unemotional,’ and in the example of ‘loosh’ (and its inherent emotional nature) you have chosen one that is largely irrelevant to its understanding because of its emotional aspect.

    Perception, however, is always specific. “Loosh.” Yes. Where to begin? Love and Fear. Each of us wraps our thoughts in emotion, do we not? And then we open our eyes instead of our hearts, and if it is not something that makes us want to see ‘love,’ well…then, what else can it be? For most human beings, that ‘something else’ is always some form or variation of fear. Human beings communicate in two orders of thought. This much we know you know. One order of thought is Love. The other order of thought is fear. One comes from Spirit. The other comes from ego. Many of the thoughts each of us have do become quite concrete…quite real. Many are held for a brief instant and released. Some term this as ‘manifesting.’ Thought always precedes action. We also know this as cause and effect.

    So the simple answer is this. Everyone makes an ego or a self for him or herself, which is subject to enormous variation because of its instability and uncertainty. He or she also makes an ego for everyone else, (and in many respects-everything else) he or she perceives, which is, as you know, as variable as the number of individual souls on this planet, and each of them are individually different. Unique. The interaction between each of us is also unique. It is a process that alters both of us, because ‘our egos’ were not made by or with our Spirit. When you speak of the exchange of energy between two separate consciousnesses, it is important to realize that this ‘exchange’ can and does occur as readily when the interaction takes place in the mind as when it involves physical interaction. There could be no better example that ‘loosh’ as you understand it, is only an idea and not a fact.

    We do not know ‘loosh’ as you understand it. But that is not to say that it is not real for those who experience it. Real to us is not the same as true to us. Your mind is your own to do with as you choose. You may give it over to love or fear, but you cannot give it over to both in the same instant. Your own state of mind is a good example of how ‘loosh’ is made. When we throw knowledge away it is as if we never had it. Many of us spend our entire lives looking for it when in fact it is and always has been inside of us. Our Spirits do not forget knowledge. But our egos run from it. This is so fascinatingly apparent in this world that one need only recognize it to see that it does happen, to just about everyone. You are different. If something frightens us in the present, why is it surprising that something frightened us in the past? Surprise is a reasonable response to the unfamiliar, Alison, though hardly reasonable in the face of something that occurs so regularly with such persistence. Fear is an illusion, but all of human culture teaches it. When you think of ‘loosh” do not forget that the mind need not work that way, even though it does seem to work everywhere that way now.

    Think instead of the love of animals for their offspring, and the need they feel to protect them. It is only because they regard their progeny as part of themselves. No one dismisses something he considers part of himself. We each react to the thoughts of our ego as much as God reacts to His creations,–with love, protection and charity. How do we react, Alison…to our creations…better yet, to the self we each have made? You love your Spirit. But do you…can you love your ego? Perhaps the question is not ‘how do we respond to ‘loosh.’ but what do we believe it is? Spirit knows it is illusion. Ego believes it is real. Belief entails faith. Faith implies doubt. Doubt is fear. Fear, in any form, is ‘loosh.’. And yes. It does feed something.

    All myths and all magic are closely associated, since myths are usually related to either a cultural or individual ego origin, and magic is often attributed to the so-called powers an individual ego ascribes to itself. Mythological systems generally include some account of “the creation,” and associate this with its particular form of magic. This was the ‘origin’; of loosh.’ The so-called “battle for survival” is only the human ego’s struggle to preserve itself, and its interpretation of its own beginning. The fear that is associated with this mortality is known by many names.

    The idea that ‘loosh’ has a beginning or an origin is usually associated with physical birth, because it is hard to maintain in any human culture or religion that the ego and its fear based thought system existed before that point in time. The more “religiously” ego-oriented among us believe that the soul existed before birth, and will continue to exist after an incredibly temporary lapse into a human life and the illusions ‘we’ have created here. Most human religions also teach the idea that some will go to heaven and others to hell. Some also believe and teach that the soul will either be rewarded or punished for any errors in this lapse. This is fear…this is ‘loosh.’ What does it feed? It feeds human ego. Spirit, on the other hand, is fed by an eternal wellspring of Love from which we each are born. If ‘loosh’ has an opposite, it would not be what any of our individual egos think love to be, for in truth, Love has no opposite. This is our understanding.

    We can continue if you like.


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