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Plausible Deniability  was my look at the youblube/facegook's ongoing travesty of censuring the very people who were making it possible for advertisers to get and build revenue from said people. It was also a travesty of broken second amendment rights gotten around by private corporations... there IS a pattern here...

It was also a look at shifting responsibility and information out of the gov't sector where eventually it could be made public, into the corporate sector where that information can and IS made private by right of ownership. (Can I just jump up and down, yell and scream and be a total, flaming, loud idiot to call notice to this????!!!!)

I heard some people say things like; "Well, that'd be great! Then the gov't can't hide it from us any more!"

Let's think about this for more than a second here. IF the majority of the captured or donated ET tech hadn't eventually wound up in the private sector for development BEFORE we ever found out about it, we would probably have quite a bit more 'new toys' than we do now. The MIC operates with private...

P  R  I  V  A  T  E

...and grantedly deeply black projects for the gov't. It's that word Industrial that means, well, private industry. They OWN (long echo on the word own+ reverb)the patents developed or back engineered from this tech. Most of them are not the altruistic paragons we would like to think they are. Their bottom line is profit/power.


To me that probably means what has gone into the industrial private sector goes to the highest bidder and so on. Only if it could make a ridiculous profit would it have come out to the peanut gallery. And then there is that sticky wicket of collusion between huge corporate interests like the oil industry and big pharma and agribusiness where it is entirely way too profitable to not fix a bad situation, especially if you are a member of a break away civilization and you really don't want the riff-raff to find it's way into your rarified air... Just Sayin.

Which leads into the idea of hidden information and hidden occulted societies that have totally different perspectives on said hidden information, which adds up to an agreement to once again keep it all hidden; one side says for our own good and the other for their ownership of power. Sound a bit familiar in the even teensiest bit applied to the ET/consciousness question??? Hum????

It seems there might be a connection between mystery school information (which is basically about how to increase, train and use our innate powers of the mind and spirit in unity) and the hidden ET information both ancient and current. The cross, the dot, it seems to me is about quantum reality and its connection to consciousness. They may be two sides of the same coin. The doorway into traversing dimensions and the universe is the new burgeoning science of physics, the third physics. The physics that understands that all is connected in frequency and vibration in ratios or harmonics - including consciousness. Which is eerily like the ancient systems of analogical magic.

IMO, should we truly discover this, and just how, once you understand it, powerful and easy as it is - that anybody can actually effect anything, well then it would be over for the power mongers - and yeah,

'When two or more are gathered" is NOT just a spiritual prayer lesson, it is a physics LAW.

There is enough information floating around out there and almost enough in my brain to begin to make some real sense of all of this. Its not too hidden,  too occulted and secret any more and its about time. Rudolph Steiner picked this time period after we missed the last one at the turn of the century for this type of information to come back out into society and make some sense. Maybe it can break through this time and we really can take that evolutionary jump. If enough of us with the right stuff do, those that could use this information in a negative fashion wouldn't have a chance - thus the flaw in the thinking of the above mentioned secret societies. We just need to meet that tipping point and the whole story will finally make sense and be there for all to see.

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