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I posted this on face book, but truly, I feel it deserves a place on the blog. There are as many ways to look at the disclosure situation as there are people. This is because we do not have enough facts. Part of what Jimmy church does on his radio show is educate us across a very broad spectrum of topics that develop a nice rounded picture of the whole ENTIRE situation. All I am saying is that we should be getting CEU's for this - it is of that caliber.

KOSTA-SHEEHANMonday night's show (11-16-15) was a good example of how many viewpoints will need to converge and be understood for disclosure for the planet - and not just in our small, well-informed little group. There is much to be understood, reviewed and learned from, from many perspectives and millions of people who need to be able to learn this information. The undertaking is huge. Last night we heard from a multi-talented man, who is currently working in the academic arena to develop at dialogue that will open doorways to this discussion. This is no mean feat in light of the fact that: a.) academia has been held back almost 100 years and b.) it has been used as a tool to shut down a more liberal view point and this whole subject for close to 100 years.

And the work begins.

As to the data dumps that will and have to occur about our real history on the planet of the last 1000+ years, everybody will have their viewpoints, many will want a spin on the way their actions will look to the planet when revealed. Still, all the rest must go on with the greatest of urgency, but as you can see or heard last night, a great proportion of the planet will need Danny Sheehan's work to begin to understand even the merest of backstory structure. We, on the other hand have been at this almost our whole lives and we wish to get on with it already!!! It is going to be an enormous task to wake up the majority of the people on this planet to the real story. Given the proclivity of the victors of any situation wanting to re-write the real accounting of the actual events, the actual facts could just dissolve into thin air if we do not doggedly pursue the truth.

When I was 12 or so, I had an epiphany. I was given to understand that this planet/this solar system's entire note would be one of love. That this would be sung out beautifully one day. I am in total accordance with that and have always kept the space in my heart for it. One of the hardest things to do is figure out the between and all the machinations and politics and all of the fallout of those who are fighting against what is happening. They cannot win, as the evolution of this solar system cannot be held back. But in the interim, much damage can be done. Time is of the essence for Gaia. Sometimes waking up is not fun, or pretty, but the people of the planet can and MUST awake - NOW not somewhere down the road when the ones who have helped create this mess have created enough spin on their part of the story to save their sorry asses... . Its boiling inside of me how important it is. NOW.

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  1. There are no degrees of truth in any of your illusions. They are all equally mistaken. Your species speaks of ‘law’ as though your species were the sole author of it. God is not mistaken in His truth. You will soon learn this. The ‘laws’ your world has created and serve are nothing but the laws of chaos. Look around your world and tell us this is not so. Though you each may bring them to the ‘light’ of your understandings, they cannot be understood, for they are all equally insane.

    You each believe ‘your’ truth is the only one. And in your individual ‘truths’ you believe you are separate and alone, set off from all the others who share your world, and others who share this universe. Your hierarchy of illusions in this world tells each of you that some of your illusions are more valuable than others and therefore must be true. But in reality, they are all equally false.

    Each one of you establishes this order for himself, and makes it ‘true’ by his judgement or attack on what another values. Yet your collective values govern nothing. And because your collective values differ, an attack on another is justified because what is different is ‘unlike,’ and what is ‘unlike’ must be the enemy of what is ‘same.’ And you all ‘hate’ what is not ‘same.’ And what you hate you fear. And what you fear, you destroy. Every culture in the universe in its evolution must one day acknowledge the laws of chaos, or perish by them, for it is in those ‘laws’ that ‘what calls for forgiveness, instead deserves attack and death.’ This is humanity ruled by these laws. Now.

    Continue on this road, embracing these ideas, and your species will not see the light of a new dawn of man. Instead it will witness an unimaginable darkness and the tragic end of it. Know this. The arrogance on which ‘your’ laws of chaos stand, could not be more apparent than in what emerges for ‘sanity’ here on this planet. Peace is not a state of being in this world. It is a state of wishful mind. Is this humanity’s sole apex principle that defines the Creator of your reality? Apparently. Our shared Creator of our Reality is defined a little differently. And it is not what humanity says He must be. Or what humanity says He must think and what He must believe. Or how He must respond, if He believes as humanity believes.

    In your human arrogance, it is not seen as even necessary that He be asked about the truth of what has been established for your collective belief in Him. This leads humanity directly to the preposterous belief that seems to make chaos on this planet seem forever and eternal. You think you are God. And according to mankind, if God cannot be mistaken, He must accept humanity’s belief in what humanity thinks He and it actually are, and thus each of you logically hate him for it. Good luck with faith that has no work.

    None of you can see now how the fear of God is reinforced by this. Not a one. Or how humanity’s entire thought system is based on fear. This is blindness. And what is fear but the absence of love? Now has it become impossible to turn to God for any help in all of your misery. God has become a punchline. Instead, you turn to each other, searching for ‘sameness.’ And you find it in your fear. Your cause for Paris or the world for that matter, becomes retribution and nothing more. And what will you teach in your wisdom? For now God has indeed become humanity’s “enemy.” And so you believe that God caused all your pain, or has permitted it, and so now to Him by any of you for any kind of appeal for mercy, becomes pointlessly and impossibly useless. And any salvation that may lay in Him, now lies within each of you. You whose every aspect seems to be now at war with Him, as well as with each other; and now all of you are so thoroughly and insanely convinced and justified in your plans for attack, retribution, and vengeance, that God Himself could not change the course you have decided. Pack lightly for your journey in that choice.

    So now is global conflict made inevitable, and so now humanity drifts beyond the help of God. For now does healing in this world remain impossible, because the redeeming qualities of humankind has itself become the greatest enemy to it. There will be no release and no escape from this future for any of you. Your bright collective future in war thus becomes a myth, and vengeance, not forgiveness, becomes the will and legacy of man. From where all this begins, there appears no sight of help that can succeed in saving this planet from the chaos man has embraced. Only destruction can be the outcome. And God Himself seems to be siding with it, to finally overcome the bitter, lonely illusion His Child has come to believe he is in this world. Do not think for a moment that human ego will enable any of you to find escape from what it wants for all of you. And do not think in this moment that God cares one whit about what your collective egos value or what any of your individual egos cherish. The Universe does not work this way. Your collective desire becomes its central idea. Be careful with this. Having is not the same as wanting.

    By our collective road will we draw to ourselves the collective truth of our existence. And vengeance appears now to be the road we will collectively take to find it. So thus will the ‘guilty ones’ one day protest their “innocence.” They will each say that ‘Were they not forced into this foul attack by the unscrupulous behavior of the enemy, we would have responded only with kindness.’ But in a savage world the kind cannot survive, so they must take or else be taken from.

    So here is partial answer to the vague unanswered question each of you ask, but it is not yet quite fully “explained.” What is this precious thing, this priceless pearl, this hidden secret treasure, to be wrested in righteous wrath from this most treacherous and cunning enemy? Islam? Jihad is the fight against one’s self. One’s ego. His treachery demands his death that you may live. And yet you argue that you attack only in self-defense. But what is it you want that needs his death? Can you be sure your murderous attack is justified unless you know what it is for?

    This is where the laws of chaos come to humanity’s “rescue.” It always has. It always does. It holds that there is a substitute for love. Vengeance is the magic that will cure all of your pain; the missing factor in your madness that makes it “sane.” This is the reason why you must attack. Here is what makes your vengeance justified.

    Behold, unveiled, the ego’s secret gift, torn from your brother’s body, hidden there in malice and in hatred for the one to whom the gift belongs. He would deprive you of the secret ingredient that would give meaning to your life. The substitute for love, born of your enmity to your brother, must be…it must be your salvation. You have paid so much in blood and soul for it. It need be true. By God it need be true. For it has no substitute, and there is only one. And so all your actions must have but the singleness of purpose of seizing it and making it your own.

    But this is not peace. And you will not find peace by searching for it in war. This is your mad, insane world: and we defy you to tell us this is not so; madness is sanity, illusions are true, attack is kindness, hatred is love, and murder is benediction. These are the hidden goals the laws of chaos continue to serve and humanity continues to teach. These are the means by which the laws of God and His Universe appear to be reversed. Here on this planet do the laws of mankind appear to hold Love captive, and so let evil wander sovereign in your paradise turned to hell.

    Know that your time in this illusion is almost done. Make your peace in it. Believe whatever you choose in it. Whatever you prefer. But however each of you may individually understand it, be cautious. Understanding what you think you know as your ‘truth’ is not mastery of it.

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