Jumping sideways in time


Last week the mothership crop circle had an internal line between the inside part and the outer ring of symbols. As of Monday when the pictures of the crop circle popped back up - that line is gone from the circle.

This is the first time that I have seen external evidence of a sideways jump. Usually the energy and emotional tenor of things feel different to me. This time I really didn't notice that, But I saw the difference, in a picture.

Which brings up a number of questions for me because my personal Mandela effect has changed. What the Mandela effect has been for me was pretty intangible to others. I would just know that the fabric of the world I was in was different enough for my body to feel it and inform me of that fact. There was never anything different in the outer world that I could point out to anybody. Like everybody else, it was Berenstein Bears - not Barenstain, and Mandela did die in prison - I was devastated…so I remember that. But PERSONALLY in my personal life I've never had an effect so clearly happen in the now… all the other stuff was in the past when I discovered it - and usually since spelling and memory are NOT my strong suits, I chocked it all up to that. But this time I noticed!

So my questions are as follows:

  • Is it possible to loose anyone you know in the time flow?
  • Is it possible for the intrinsic emotional link to change or alter? Like they don't remember you the same way so the way they act towards you is different?
  • Is it possible that your memory of them changes but you don't remember??
  • Would then a marker of some kind at a juncture in spacetime be able to re-mind you?
  • In jumping sideways could you wind up in a universe where your deceased spouse still lives? (obviously you would not wind up in one where you were deceased…I don't think…)

If time is an illusion and everything is in the now - then all choices and branching would be layered and side by side - what happens when we wake up in a different one and how did we get there?

Through choice?

Through resonance?

Through convergence?

Or is love the core frequency of the universe such that IT is the glue that keeps us together - calls us back to each other, keeps us tethered by feeling?

I'm open to suggestions here….

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