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It dawns on me when watching something like Ancient Aliens on the Sphinx, that what has been going on, on this planet has been going on for far longer than even the most fringe theories have thought of. The sphinx, is megalithic, meaning its 9,000 years old, or IMO much older.


Ok, I know the below from Wikipedia is old, and probably anthropomorphized, however, pause to think that there are fables out there that indicate, stories that illustrate we have done this more than once… and other material that alludes to it in the deep mystery traditions:



Rudolf Steiner retained the basic concept of root races and sevenfold cycles within cycles, but his description is considerably simpler, concentrating only on the seven cycles of the present Solar System. Each of these cycles constitutes a coming into being and passing out of being of the solar system, and each is divided into seven rounds, upon which man passes through seven root races. Each of Steiner's seven rounds is related to a metamorphosis of the Earth:

  • Ancient Saturn: During the Ancient Saturn round, the life wave of human beings underwent the mineral stage, endowed only with a physical vehicle.
  • Ancient Sun: During the Ancient Sun round, human beings underwent the plant stage, being endowed with a physical and an etheric vehicle.
  • Ancient Moon: During the Ancient Moon round, human beings underwent the animal stage, endowed with a physical, an etheric, and an astral vehicle. Meanwhile, the present Angels were undergoing the human stage, while the present Archangels were undergoing the Angel stage, and so on.
  • Earth: During the Earth round, human beings undergo the man stage.
  • Jupiter: During the Jupiter round, human beings will undergo the soul man stage.
  • Venus: During the Venus round, human beings will undergo the higher soul man stage.
  • Vulcan: During the Vulcan round, human beings will undergo the spiritual man stage.

For Steiner, the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms represent "cast off" elements of the human entity from previous rounds. These teachings have been incorporated into the Anthroposophical Society that Steiner founded.  From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round_(Theosophy)>



Assuming (ha! The ass-you-me-thing) that an earth round is around 26,000 years, then, we have incorrectly assigned the megalithic period to a far later date (closer to our time period than it really is). Also, assuming there was a culture with technology far in advance of ours, they could not have possibly missed the implications of a immanent worldwide catastrophe, unless it was a calculated attack - which they would have been aware of. (One would hope…)


All that said, HOW and WHY could we have fallen as far as we have - and continue to fall?????? Why would any of the denizens of earth leave their brothers in the dust to de-evolve to such an extent? I know, they didn't completely abandon us, they snuck back and retaught us stuff, like how to grow food, etc., and maybe their plight was one of survival too and they did what they could… IMHO if some worldwide catastrophe were to occur to day - I would hope - that as a planet we would all pitch-in and help one another…?


But why, after things stabilized, play games - pretend to be things you are not - except to stay hidden. Had anybody thought that the majority of us are the way we are because we are still in survival mode? Whether we need to be or not- we are - and the very people that the ones-who-stayed-hidden were trying to avoid are the ones who have managed to arrange this survival game. That the rest of us, if we only knew the truth might even lend a hand - be able to help to clean out the psychopathic element that keeps messing EVERYTHING up????? And we would. Especially those that are awake.

(because until we, the wake, take these steps, the sleepers cannot revive from the twilight stupor they are unwittingly caught in!)


You see, the very element that has caused all this turmoil and war, has given us sane people a few very valuable lessons.

It has caused us to hone our sense of empathy in the face of seeing the suffering of our fellow humans and created a WILL to do something to alleviate it.

It has honed our sense of ethics and morality allowing us to discern that which is whole and that which is not, and created the WILL to heal the planet.

And it has sparked a creativity - a MacGyver-ness, to handle things in unusually effective ways, elevated our minds out of the box they have tried so hard to seal with packing tape…

And the best of all it has caused us to CO-CREATE a beautiful dream of what it would be like to be humans all together - to love the earth and be able to love each other.

This, this dream is the absolute best miracle to come out of the turmoil. It has elucidated to the universe our hearts - our deepest most sacred unspoken dreams, and brought them to fruition into the light of day.



Its Adapt or Die, (and we are a very adaptable species!)

Its MacGyver it till you can fix it

Its dream it while you work towards it


Never give up……


It seems we've been doing that all along through all of everything that this planet has been going through, because,

Here we are…

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