“know thine own self.”: or we are all flying multi-dimensional toasters


The discussion lately has been about multidimensionality. About the whole, the source and our place in it and what that means. It has been about the journey 'back' to wholeness from fragmentation. About the fact that time gives us an arena of learning to perceive this fragmentation and learn greater truths by producing a distortion or a division of the whole. Kind of like taking a part the toaster to 'fix' it, but also in the process learning how the toaster works.

3dm2You can't define a thing by looking at its parts and saying to each piece, it is not this and it is not that. I don't want this piece, and this piece looks sketchy, so it's going in the garbage. Just like you cannot understand what real peace is by saying what it is not, or understand love by saying what it is not.

It is only when the whole is perceived with all its working parts that not only can you see how it works, but you can actually get a piece of toast out of it.

3dm3But understanding the parts is vital to the understanding of the whole. What we can't seem to understand is that you have to look at ALL the parts, you can't ignore the parts you don't like or throw them out, or you will never be able to see the whole.

Let's transfer this idea to looking at the human being. We on earth, as we are in daily life find it confusing to understand that we go beyond this one part of our selves - that in actuality we are more than what we think or can perceive in everyday trained consciousness. Therefore we think that as we normally are, is all we are. Most of us never understand that we are only one piece of our own personal toaster-selves. Not only that, it is even harder to understand the idea that many toaster-selves put together make an entirely different toaster thing called a noosphere, and that is actually the intelligent awareness of this planet. We are not aware that all our units put together are the mind and soul of an entirely different bigger unity that functions as a whole with totally different consciousness and experiences from us, because we are only … a piece of one small toaster, that even refuses, or can't look at how all of it parts make its own whole toaster.

(We on the earth all together are the consciousness of the Gaia and all the planets put together with every other piece of everything within the magnetic influence of the sun are actually the consciousness of the Sun, and that the local galaxy cluster is a wholeness with a personality and so on up the line till you get to what we call the source. But also think that our source is only a cell in yet a bigger body… to infinity. Take it the other way and, to all our organ systems, cells, bacterial, fungal and viral biomes that exist on and in our very own bodies we are a veritable universe also.)

3dmandelbrot1amplituherronTo say this a bit differently, if the universe is a thing, say a bubble, or a photon and all the pieces from the most minute subatomic particles up to the largest galactic clusters are all fractalized pieces of the that bubble repeated over and over infinitely, like the Mandelbrot fractal or the Amplituhedron suggest, that would make all pieces capable of containing the whole.

It would make all of us the same, too - in that we all contain within ourselves the whole. Now, being that the first distortion of the whole was a thing called 'free will' to accomplish that, to experience that, all the pieces of that wholeness would need to feel they were different or fragmented from the whole. This earth became a place for an interesting type of exploration of that very nature by bringing together a vast, varied and diverse multiplicity of fragments all in one place. Not only that, some of those pieces, we humans, were fragmented even further in that our inner unity was hidden and distorted so that we could not even know our inner wholeness much less our greater wholeness.

Within this whole crazy model exists every variable possible. Every negative, every positive and every degree in-between. Linking it all together is the underlying fractal nature of all existence and through that is the notion that we are all parts of the same thing - playing different roles to discover every variable possible, all the better to "know thine own self."

Now, to breakfast.

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