Latest dream of mine


I am calling this a "dream" for sanity's sake. I feel I am laying on a bed, and moving, I can feel a figure pushing me as though I am moving along. I try to look around but it is so bright, I cannot see an obvious light source, but an all-encompassing light, the walls, and the ceiling are white. I can sense that the being or person pushing me is female, I know because from an intuitive standpoint I feel calm, and I am often that way around women. The hallway seemed to go on forever, though I cannot make out time very well. I seem to drift in and out of being awake or even conscious. I do not recall going through any doors, but at a point I see dark figures over my face. I cannot make out faces because every time I try to focus I get a bright white or clear light from this bar above my head that is in line with my eyes (see image).

the bed is too big, I drew to fast, its normal size.

I become frustrated at not being able to see the figures looming over me one after another it seems. Some seem like normal human structures but one or two have a larger cranial structure that jars me, so I try to look to my right side as I feel something next to me getting closer. Difficult to describe, so I tried to draw it as best I could (see image).

sides were accordion like.

It was like a box with a window in the center, and the window was inset into the center a little bit back, making the glass looking part further back then the box itself. The glass was kind of shaded or tinted, but I could see through it for sure, not solid as figures passed by it. I begin to become more aware of it all and start to look around. The apparatus above my head is strange but resembles a dentist light in a way. It runs in a north/south direction to my body and is just past my head and goes a little past my knees, or so it seems, I cannot fully tell. I can see the two parts are connected, in the image I label it as "H" to show it from the 3 sides, making the "window" thing about the size of my torso. As I pay more attention to the top portion, it has many lights on it, and at the center is a black or grey bar, maybe a foot thick, and that runs east/west of my body. It takes me a bit to realize there is a sound emitting from this bar, and it makes me unable to hear anything, it's dead quiet and that is not normal for me since I have tinnitus, like my ears are shut off completely.


The portions with the lights is kind of shaped like a skate board, with a circle like light at the top and bottom, both are the same design, they have a "x" in the center with the four areas divided by blue and red light, sharp bright LED types that are just on, not flashing. Closer to the center of the board like portion, near the "sound wave bar" I feel I should call it, are two bar lights that run east/west on the board and are super bright white or clear LEDs with square reflector mirrors from each, with 8 or so on each. I do not remember seeing the light flash or strobe but I am guessing I would not. The "window" portion of the apparatus has at least 3 lights on it, all red, though I am unsure if the bottom two (see image)

are even lights, really as they look like viscous spheres or like a wet piece of cotton around a bulb. These were attached to a black tube-like length of hose that seemed bendable and hung down from the bottom of the windowed box in a curve shape towards my face and about my hip area. At the top of the windowed box is another light type thing, but it was higher and harder to see, though it did look similar to the bottom ones, I cannot be for sure. I did notice that there seemed to be a copper color wire that runs equally from each side to the red sphere. This is as much detail I could get before I heard what I thought was my cat purring in my ear, a low humming vibration that seemed to awake me up this morning at 5am, in a little bit of a panic. Strange dream for sure.

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