This article is a little dark, and usually I try to present something a little more uplifting, but, I think this needs to be put out there for a mini-think... Thank you for your indulgence.


  1. frac·tious ˈfrakSHəs/

adjective adjective: fractious

  1. (typically of children) irritable and quarrelsome. "they fight and squabble like fractious children"
    1. synonyms:
    1. "fractious children"
    1. antonyms:
  • (of a group or organization) difficult to control; unruly. "the fractious coalition of Social Democrats"
    • synonyms:
    • antonyms:

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Have you noticed lately? There has been a vibe loose for the last 10 days that has produced some odd, interesting and weird effects amongst people. Mostly it has been able to magnify stupid stuff. Stupid, in that were we not all so fractious, we would have just blown it off. Some of us are hypersensitive, some of us are hyper-oblivious to each other. I have seen small little irritants blow up into huge conflict at the drop of a hat. It makes me wonder,




What has happened to tolerance, understanding and charity? These are basic kindergarten skills and we are all acting like we don't know what they are. And then, what do you do with someone who has crossed the line into unacceptable behavior towards you? When instead of acting like an adult, they just lash out and hit you? (metaphorically…) How do you tell these people that their behavior is totally unacceptable in an adult manner? People behaving badly will not understand anything you say to them, much less when you must lay down a boundary, however gently you do it. You do have a right to say, "This far, no further". Boundaries are healthy. One part of the problem is getting people to understand that somethings are just a fact of living. songofmypeopleLike barking dogs. Dogs bark. That’s what they do. Fact. Asking dogs to not bark is like asking mother nature to please not rain. Another part of the problem is to try to understand who you are interacting with, and realize that some people are hypersensitive and some people are hyper-oblivious. That said, we KNOW all this. We KNOW how to act and behave.




Are we acting like we have forgotten even the merest definition of tolerance, charity or understanding? Can I pull you down a rabbit hole for a minute? What if, this is one of the effects of the energetic pulses from the galaxy heading our way? Or what if this is a direct result of CERN opening up a dimensional portal and allowing lower frequencies to stream into this existence? ( BPEarthwatch) What if it is both?portala The waveX ramping up our emotional sensitivity to levels we are unaccustomed to making us all fractious, and the lower energy streaming through the CERN experiment causing us not to care about anybody but our tiny little selves?

Some of us have noticed that there is quite the energetic battle going on right now, in odd and new ways. It has become a challenge to be loving and forgiving, because emotionally things that would have rolled off your shoulders two weeks ago, are now causing quite a bit of emotional pain. Think about it. This is a new thing. Good or Bad, it is definitely getting me to work harder on my forgiveness quotient, and emotional calm skills. It reminds me of Corey's message from the Blue Avians about being more loving and forgiving. I thought, that is easy, I practice it all day every day, have been for years. I know my stuff. Then, snap! I was challenged this last week. How do you find emotional understanding and calm for a problem that you have no answer to, protection from, for a situation where you were treated poorly and need to put your foot down however gently to make bad behavior stop?

What if, when disclosure happens we are all going to feel this aggrieved, in a huge way, with no way to protect ourselves, cover ourselves, or feel safe? How will we all react to this? Can you imagine how messy this all will get? I imagine that we will be quite challenged to be bigger than the situation, instead of lashing out in surprise and unmitigated anger. Whatever this is, this new weirdness, I implore you to see it, and begin to work solutions now. Practice, garner strength and strategies on how to remain what you choose to be in your heart, instead of what the situation impels you to be. Because, trust me, I thought I had it down, and this week was a small thing, and yet it shattered the peace and spilled out into my intimate spaces and left me shaken. So I put on my big girl hat and tried to un-box this mess and look at the pieces. I implore you all to do the same thing. I have a feeling this is going to get tricky, so stay ALERT!


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