“Let me help.” : an idea that is still too early?


How very difficult it is to love someone that keeps hurting you. Even when you want to. The natural tendency is to pull back a bit, especially when it keeps happening and hold your primeself a bit more protected, until finally it is untouchable. You love from afar - but you do not engage. It's like touching a hot plate, after a couple of times (lol - slow learner here) you quit doing it. Even if you'd like to, you know better.

The problem occurs when it seems like the whole world is this way, and the only solution you find is to love the whole thing from afar. Is it any wonder we as people walk around on this earth feeling like we are separate? It is a natural instinct to not allow this damage to ourselves. We would not last, especially when it seems as though nobody is capable of understanding or caring that they have caused damage to another.

On an interpersonal level when I have asked the person why they behaved the way they did, the answer is mostly, "I Don't Know." Some times that is a direct lie, right in my face, other times people are genuinely mystified as to their behavior. The question does ask them to connect with themselves and be response-able for their emotional actions, and most people do not have the skills, where-with-all, or the desire to do that. Others just want to cause hurt and are unwilling to admit that - as if it wasn't transparent to begin with…

This is where, IMO that we have a lot of work to accomplish in our ascension process. Person to person - with empathy - with a desire to be nicer… David Wilcock says that it's so simple - 'Just be nice.' But people don't want to be nice. They want to cause pain. Why you ask yourself…? The most obvious answer to that is because they themselves are in pain. What does an animal do when they are in pain? They lash out into the environment trying to pass that pain out of themselves, or get away from what is causing it. They fight. Only human beings seek to give it back in equal or greater measure. The only time they do not is when they understand that those around them are trying to help.

Those infamous words from the Star Trek episode, 'The City on the Edge of Forever',

"Let me help."

were the ones that were too early for their time, the ones that led America down a more peaceful path and allowed the Germans to take over the world… A cautionary tale, actually a reveal about what did happen. Are we still so brutal a place that the ideas of peace, love and compassion, and a 'let me help' attitude would get us eaten alive and overtaken, imprisoned, invaded and make us even bigger sheep? (if that's possible???)

These ideas as you can see have their very roots from the most personal all the way out to encompass the world and how we behave towards each other is a daily testament to just how engaged we are with them. Maybe it is right, the idea that if you want to change the world, start with yourself.

As above, So below.

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