Locus of Control


Are you the glass half empty or the glass half full sort? Do you hold the possibility that everything might be true until proven otherwise, or do you hold the idea that everything is false until proven real? Who controls your insides, everybody else or do you? Are you externally controlled or internally controlled? Who tells you what is truth, you or somebody who doesn't even know you? When you burn your hand on the stove, who tells you if it is hot? You, or someone else? If no one was there to tell you would you still be burned - would you even know it??? I think so.

This is about external LOCUS OF CONTROL VS internal locus of control.

A person's "locus" (Latin for "place" or "location") is conceptualized as either internal, or external

Control being the power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events. jurisdiction, sway, power, authority, command, dominance, government, mastery, leadership, rule, sovereignty, supremacy, ascendancy ( Latin contrarotulare, from contrarotulus ‘copy of a roll,’ from contra- ‘against’ + rotulus ‘a roll.’)

Just exactly where is it - inside of you or outside of you, and do you care?

You should.

When your LOCUS OF CONTROL is internal you are in control. You decide what is important, what is truth, based on yourself, your soul, and your awareness. These are the three fundamental things society teaches us to IGNORE! Why? Because then they can tell you what is truth, they construct your reality they CONTROL your very essence. It is a prison we break out of by paradoxically going inward - not bust out or busting through a barrier.

But they would have you believing that you must fight back, with the ten thousands things they throw at your conscious awareness everyday not only in mass media, but in alternative sources now too. It makes me want to yell "SHUT THE F*** UP - EVERYBODY!" It's entire purpose is to keep you entrained to their dance.

Switch that LOCUS back inside and quit letting people (events, mass media, other media, anything outside of yourself) tell you what your own gut and body and soul have to say. Because you know - already. The more stress you feel the more you need to listen inside - because the real truth is there. And the stress you feel is your self trying to get your attention to tell you the real story.

Oh, and by the way, you do realize the glass is refillable, right? But the only place to refill it is inside…..

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